NBA Playoffs 2014: Toronto Blows A 26-Point Lead!

This first round of the 2014 NBA Playoffs is intense…I dunno how fans with heart conditions can watch these games. Tell me tell me tell me you are watching the Craptors game. Wow. Heart and guts.

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Hire & Fire

So this is exciting…my company NewMusic Ten is growing and I get to hire some new faces. Only…I’ve never hired anybody before. The talented people I work with are all Super Friends. So this is the first time I have to like, post the job, read resumes and do, like job interviews. And so far, this entire process is utter bullshit.

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NBA Playoffs 2014!

Tonight is my Christmas Eve as I eagerly await the start of the 2014 NBA Playoffs.

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Model Dreams

Sweet moment on the streetcar:

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Hip Hop Proverbs #13

According to Rihanna the parking lot is a metaphor for friendship. It’s in the parking lot that we search for our car and where we yearn for love and friendship. Knowing what you want is only the first step–of many–towards achievement. In the parking lot of life Rihanna has your back:

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Someone Not There: TO WebFest 2014

All aboard…the love train for Someone Not There continues to chug, following its triumphant run at LA WebFest. Now with a stop at Toronto’s WebFest!


Director Sherren Lee says it best: “We are so utterly proud to have been selected as part of the INAUGURAL T.O. Webfest, in our very own home town. Super excited for the big event in May!! Thanks T.O. WebFest, and CONGRATS to the entire team!!!”

For more on TO WebFest, tickets and the whole deal go to their site.

Google Jokes

Considering Google’s penchant for April Fools jokes, I’m disappointed that today of all days Google Maps won’t divulge the location of Paradise City where, I’m told, the grass is green and the girls are pretty.

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