Pretty Much Dead Already: The Walking Dead

Considering how well the Sign Guy is doing during the Zombie Apocalypse of The Walking Dead Keira Knightley was clearly not wise in rejecting his love. Damn Girl.

What you don’t know is more important than your opinion on what you think you know.

Hindsight is always so bright it makes me squint.

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The Fate of the NBA

Been reading a lot about Jordan and watching what clips I can find during his Tar Heels days since I have to make some key business decisions in the next few months. (Jordan just makes sense to me).

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Trust Issues

Stuck on public transit…suck city. Where are all the jetpacks and teleportation devices and ultra fast human conveyor belts they promised us!

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We Lost Ida

Normally I’m not comfortable expressing vulnerability. Which admittedly is odd for a writer who makes a living slinging emotions.

Still…here goes:

My Dad’s in Egypt caring for his ill sister; my aunt. Sadly she passed away. Which in a way is a blessing, as she’s no longer suffering. On the phone she didn’t sound good at all. Still sad: she was a cool and classy lady.

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i miss…spider-man

I miss…Spider-Man:

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S’up Cuz News: Tee Gazette Reviewer

So this is funtastic! As you know DC and I run S’up Cuz and we’ve slowly been adopted and accepted among the t-shirt set. Hopefully as we continue to improve our stock will rise. Today however I’ve become a t-shirt reviewer for Tee Gazette.

From their About:
The Tee Gazette“The Tee Gazette is a way for designers to get the word out on new designs that are being released, and contests, discounts. This will be a one stop shopping experience for those who are interested in t-shirt design and purchasing!”

So this is mega cool and a sweet honour. The work, as always begins…check out published for my reviews.

Design Thinkers from Scarborough

Happily had the opportunity to attend the Design Thinkers conference today: I went to 2 sessions by guys who did work at Nike. (Eh, don’t ask for names…I focused on the work not the Artist).

One designer went on to work with big time companies like Starbucks and Lego and yet you can still hear the utter awe in his voice from what Nike demanded. That’s Fresh. That’s How You Do It.

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