Birth Year Readings I

Wednesday September 28, 2011 is my birthday.

Not a particular milestone, just watching my youth flee like a prison break. I got curious, wondering if I listed everything I read in a birth year how much I actually consumed. I was going to list articles but thanks to twitter and google I…can’t. I go through tons of articles and it’d just be too much, compounded by my avid laziness. So here is what I’ve been reading since Wednesday September 28 2011 (with occasional commentary) to Thursday September 27, 2012. {Special thanks to Brian E for facilitating my crack like connection to comic books.}

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The Money Shot Is Moneyball

Tonight I’m going to see Moneyball.

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8 Truths I Learned From Entourage: No. 8

Endings Are Important

Endings are important.

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Dreamers Notebook

Ok as per my routine I had a several ideas roll through my head as I drifted off to sleep.

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8 Truths I Learned From Entourage: No. 7

Work Life Balance

Last week I wrote about choice. This week I’m writing about choice’s bastard cousin: balance.

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S’up Cuz & Red Letter Nights Interview: TGT Media at FanExpo 2011

I had the immense privilege of spending a few moments being interviewed by Kurt Sasso from TGT Media.

We talked about creativity, a couple who came by our booth on their honeymoon (nerds in love!), S’up Cuz t-shirts, my book Red Letter Nights and of course…candy!

Always give em something sweet!

Check it:

My Pull List Chores

Check out the cover to Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost #3 out right now. It’s set in the future however…do you notice the street signs? S’fresh.

Francis Manapul…saw him not to long ago at Silver Snail.

Filipino as well (represent yo! Actually lost in all the hype and mainstream articles on comics is the incredible amount of diversity of significant creators from women to visible minorities. Francis is the artist for the recent Flash rebirth). Anyways he’s been sneaking in various Toronto references into The Flash but this one was the most blatant and most bold.

I don’t have any fully formed thoughts on the DC reboot…yet. I have a stack of comics, like really…over 50 comics I need to plow through this weekend. Plus a wedding and a wake and my sister is moving out. Oh boy.

In the stack is the new Jim Lee Justice League. Right now my arms are crossed. Reaction at FanExpo was all over the place.

I am wrapping up DC’s mega crossover Flashpoint which had that stunning Batman 3 issue mini tie in: Flashpoint: Batman Knight of Vengeance #1–3, written by Brian Azzarello and drawn by Eduardo Risso. My goodness man.

That’s easily in the Top 5 Batman stories of all time. Easily up there with Hush, A Death in the Family, No Man’s Land, Year One, O’Neil’s 1970s Batman run, B &W Volume 1 and 2…I know that’s more than 5.

(A Death in the Family holds up…some of it is dated but it’s alright. It was Tim Drake that really convinced me Bats needs a Robin.

I never liked Jason Todd and I was glad he ate it. Hard. He is alive of course and a great Batman bad guy. Couple years back he smoked Tim Drake, took out Tim like nobody’s business.)

In recent issues of Detective Comics Commish Gordon’s failures have surfaced yet again when it was revealed his son is a serial killer. A sinister byproduct of bad parenting and of course Gotham City. The same city that paralyzed his daughter. Batman didn’t even appear in the final issue. It was long overdue to explore Gordon’s horrid connections to Gotham. This ugly city has exacted so much pain from Gordon’s life, like that old BB King album: The Cost of Being The Boss. Gordon is just as tied to Gotham (and actually the Joker) as Bats.

It’s tragic and yet hauntingly beautiful. Detective Comics in the 870s…878 I think. Scott Snyder and Jock…solid dynamic duo.

Marvel’s X-Men is also going to die…it’s the end of an era. Uncanny X-Men is the last ongoing series from like the beginning of comics that has never been rebooted or renumbered (all of Marvel’s main books from Fantastic Four, to Amazing Spider-Man to Captain America etc. have all been rebooted over the last few years. And DC just killed everything.

So that, until recently left only Uncanny X-Men which will be close up shop in 2 or 3 issues. Sigh.

By the way how much money do you have? I want to buy 100 Bullets and adapt it for an HBO show. (I’m sure the rights have been sold but just in case…)


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