Golden Wonders

Couple night ago I attended The Toronto Magic Company show at Super Wonder Gallery in Little Italy. So good!

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TV: Brené Brown: The Call to Courage

You know the thing is I’ve slowly and intuitively figured out a lot of what Brené Brown is saying just from my interactions with people especially in business. She just has the research to back it up and prove it.

That’s the beauty of listening to your gut…you know something to be true; you just can’t explain it.

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Urine Inspiring

Excellent comedic timing: emerged from the washroom at the exact moment the seminar room across the hall erupted in loud clapping and wild spring break like cheers.

Oh! Thank You…thank you very much.

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A Copperhead Road Adventure

Today’s Adventure: I spoke to Steve Earle. Both on the record and off the record he regaled me with stories about the piano he had growing up, Nashville, hanging out with Willie Nelson, Guy Clark and so many old school cats.

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Trailer Alert: Joker

Excuse me Usher but I got confessions.

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My Summer Lair featuring Cory Doctorow (Radicalized)

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Trailer Alert: Avengers: Endgame (Special Look)

In 1986 I committed Optimus Prime to the ground.

In 1991 I silently watched a T-800 lowered into molten steel.

In 2015 I witnessed Brian O’Conner drive off into the Sunset.

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