Code of Silence

You endure the awkward silence on a date so you can get in a relationship with a girl who when she’s upset with you will give you the silent treatment. #ModernRomance

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Pantsworthy: Hot Docs – April 30, 2016

Big Day in Hot Docs land.

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Hidden Gem: Evvy “Collide”

Has this song been in a movie? One of those Jason Sudeikis indies where he seduces a pretty girl who doesn’t have it all together (but thinks she does) with his good hair and refined beard:

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Illuminated Chronicles: Gregg Popovich Video

The Spurs-under Gregg Popovich-are the NBA’s greatest magic trick: fans wanna know how they do it. How do they pull it off? There’s nothing I can say about Gregg Popovich that hasn’t been said: every superlative is accurate and more importantly he’s going to walk away with at least 5 rings. Well done, good sir.

To understand how the magic is performed FIBA released a video of Pop speaking at a coaching seminar and boy does he drop knowledge. In the first minute he refutes the notion of magic: “it’s about organization, it’s about discipline, it’s about building the blocks; about relationships with your players.” That’s…it?

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Get That Baby

Today in 1889 Hitler was born in present-day Austria.

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He’s Gay?

Playing 80s hits at my desk via YouTube when a 20 year old intern drops by: “Woah…is that George Boy?”
I look up: “Ah…Boy George but yeah.”

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Hidden Gem: Astronauts, etc. “Odessa”

Extraordinary. Strongly moody, deeply impressionistic…this is what’ll sound like if you could take a dj into outer space:

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Unleash The Children

Inspired Child Labour: when a set on a movie/TV show needs to appear ransacked unleash several small children hopped up on sugar.

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The Next Kobe Chapter

Kobe Bryant Scores 60 Points Against Jazz In Career Finale!

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Hidden Gem: Wild Belle “It’s Too Late”

The lyrics:
I’m not asking for lots of fancy toys
I don’t need a lot of fancy toys
Someone to keep me warm at night

I’ve a friend who basically prayed this…she’s been married and warm for the past 5 years. It’s not too late for you…

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