RSVP: Mondo Bazaar

DC and I are hosting a S’up Cuz booth Mondo Bazaar at the Gladstone from 10-5!

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A Pantsless Thanksgiving

To my American friends may you be thankful despite (in spite?) of current circumstances, be able to spend quality time with family and/or those you love, eat your weight in turkey & most importantly do all this without pants.

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My Dark & My Light

The Dark Side:
Got mashed over by busy city streets and craptacular drivers. I need some new driving swears, does anybody have some favourites that can help embolden my road rage?

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Music & Me

S’Great To Be Me!
Time to ignite cigars and brew some seriously serious tea: just got Decoded Jay-Z’s new book. Phone is off the hook, pants off my legs and all due respect to my employers, but, yo I’m off the grind till this tome is done.

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Small Talk: The Trickster Effect

What the crazy: “some clowns in Montreal founded a project called the Trickster Effect.”

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Tuesdays With Playas

Over orange juice my senior lady friend tells me about her “boyfriend” who is 86 years old. During lunch he leaned forward and whispered: “My Dear: your presence fills a void in my life.”

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Side to Side

“Look Dad: no hands AND side to side,” said the little boy at the urinal next to me, which is why I have fresh piss on my right shoe.

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Zombies Struggle With Doors & Irony

When (not if) the Zombie Apocalypse occurs I wonder if the irony will be lost on Vegetarians who’ve turned.

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The Maneater

I wish peopleok fine…girlswere like movies and came with trailers.

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Z Beef

Just finished watching the second episode of The Walking Dead. Rest assured if you get bit I will put you down. Immediately. No hesitation no compassion.

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