Free Love: My Shout Out in Growing Up Forty

This is freshtastic. Rob Gaudette recently launched Growing Up Forty a pop culture blog celebrating comics and movies and video games from a 40-ish POV. He’s killing it.

He recently posted one of the fisticuffs we’ve been having and concluded the post with this:
“Finally, if you’re on Twitter, follow Sammy. His opinions and conversations will either infuriate you or make you laugh out loud. May or may not be best read while going to the bathroom, I leave that to you.”

Outstanding branding! I wish I could cram all that onto a business card…what an excellent way to kick off the weekend. See you in hell pants…


Back Issue Bloodbath Episode 85: Kraven’s Last Hunt – Geek Hard

This. Book. Is. Everything. One of my favourite comics. I am grateful my parents spent the time teaching me how to read. One of the last times Spider-Man would be baptized in darkness: he’s now Marvel’s gateway drug to seduce children and sell em bed sheets. Damn.

There’s so much I wanted to say…about where we are and where we’ve been: I just didn’t have the vocabulary. Damn.

Still here’s Andrew and I talking Kraven’s Last Hunt…thanks for listening. As always on Facebook you can like Back Issue Bloodbath and Geek Hard for more nerdery.

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The Creative Imbalance Apperance

A recent gathering of prominent podcasters unfolded at Pacific Junction Hotel on a Sunday night (June 4, 2017) where Girth Radio Superstar Sean Sirianni holds court as the host of The Creative Imbalance.

He injected a number of the podcasters into his world including Andrew from Geek Hard. You can hear that interview at the 1 hour 15 minute mark.

(And following Andrew’s interview myself and another Girth Radio super star Alissa Santiago chat it up sharing the Tinder Date Tale.)

A good time was had by all…listen for yourself.

As Sean Says:
Just dropped a podcast EPIC featuring a handful of mini interviews with a plethora of other podcast creators and enthusiasts in the city. This massive episode is co-hosted with my pal Jenny Potter, and features personalities from, Fairy Tales for Unwanted Children Podcast, The Freeze hiphop podcast, Geek Hard, PodCamp Toronto, The One Sheet – Podcast, and Girth Radio! … show also wraps up with a sick brand new track from Eddy Scott Infante!


Writing: My Geek Hard Review of The Princess Diarist

So my Back Issue Bloodbath co-host Andrew and I were sitting in the Pacific Junction Hotel bar following a podcast recording when Carrie Fisher’s last book came up: The Princess Diarist.

I get the standard celebrity reduction means her death will be strictly Princess Leia; still Carrie Fisher was a fantastic writer. I mentioned so in my post Goodbye Carrie Fisher on her passing.

Thanks Andrew for the opportunity. Be fun to write more nerdness for Geek Hard.

To read my review of The Princess Diarist visit Geek Hard.

Back Issue Bloodbath #59: Comic Book Time Capsule – Geek Hard

I’m throwing this out to you for nerdy good fun…this week’s Back Issue Bloodbath Andrew and I reveal which comic books we’d toss into a time capsule for future generations to read…we’re only sticking with comics (they’re on their own for other types of pop culture!). Time capsules are the world’s slowest time machines. They do get to the future but man they take forever…

We got a broad range…Morning Glories, Y The Last Man, DaredevilFantastic Four. What comic books would you want to put into a time capsule for future generations to read?

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Back Issue Bloodbath #58: A Look Back At Alias – Geek Hard

If you watched Netflix’s Jessica Jones Alias is the comic book source material. Nothing to do with Jennifer Garner show.

I also tried to get clever with a Purple Man joke and bombed it badly. Like crash and burn huh Mav badly.

I enjoyed this series…28 issues only. If you got the time do the crime:

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Back Issue Bloodbath #57: Wonder Woman by Rucka

As familiar as Spider-Man’s theme song…
“In your satin tights,
Fighting for your rights
And the old Red, White and Blue.

Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman.
Now the world is ready for you,
and the wonders you can do.

Make a hawk a dove,
Stop a war with love,
Make a liar tell the truth.

Wonder Woman,
Get us out from under, Wonder Woman.
All our hopes are pinned upon you.
And the magic that you do.”

Classic late 70s cheeze…that was then; this is now. Wonder Woman by Greg Rucka, Liam Sharp & Nicola Scott.

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Back Issue Bloodbath #56: A Tribute to Steve Dillon

From the Geek Hard website: “This week, Andrew and Sammy take a look back on the career of another great comic creator that left this world far too soon: Steve Dillon.

Steve passed away on October 22nd of this year due to complications from a ruptured appendix. A fantastic artist that was able to convey personal emotions and cinematic sensibilities in his work, Dillon got his first big break in comics drawing the Hulk Weekly Magazine for Marvel UK. He would eventually make his way across the Atlantic and work for DC, Marvel and more. He is best remembered for his for his collaborations with writer Garth Ennis on Hellblazer, Preacher and Punisher. He has become synonymous with Frank Castle as his take on The Punisher has become iconic in the eyes of the fans.”

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Back Issue Bloodbath #55: Creator vs. Character

Fresh New Episode! I so wish we had more time with this topic as I view myself as a fan and a creator so I understood both POVs. In comics why are the champs champs and why do some superheroes end up with participation awards?

Why do characters like Spider-Man and Batman earn readers’ respect, draw the biggest creators while other less fortunate superheroes toil, constant origin revisions.


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Back Issue Bloodbath #54: Mark Waid

In Red Letter Nights my book of poetry I dedicated a Wally West poem to Mark Waid. There’s a Fun Flash Fact.

Mark Waid is of course a giant in the comics industry so it’s only fair we tackle his work in a 30 minute podcast!

Let’s Do This, Yo…

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