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My Summer Lair Chapter #102: Wait…So If The Earth Is Flat…Then How Do You Explain Aliens?!

So curious I hadda ask about aliens but also I asked Daniel Clark about another popular creature: underdogs.

While the flat earth phenomenon isn’t limited to America/Americans…but in the US is it flourishing because of America’s devout passion for underdogs?

Americans LOVE underdogs, defying the odds…from day 1 we’ve been sold David and Goliath inspiration but with the unquestioned assumption that Goliath is the bad guy (or whatever he represents).

So…what if somebody decided that Goliath is science…they’re correctly applying one of the most popular myths of our society. Don’t we praise critical thinking…and value thinking outta the box? Oh boy.

In Germany Professor Roland Imhoff of the Johannes Gutenberg University wanted to understand what makes some people choose their beliefs. In particular, dude studied outliers like conspiracy theorists. The facts aren’t at issue here; obviously they can’t be.

His research found that conspiracy theorists are taking comfort in their standing as outliers: they’re searching for a feeling not a logical truth. Oh. That makes so much sense…doesn’t it?

Imhoff writes: “Adherence to conspiracy theory might not always be the result of some perceived lack of control, but rather a deep-seated need for uniqueness.” Basically? My independence is more valuable than your acceptance. Yo…

Ok so that addresses underdogs as for aliens…well Daniel Clark’s answer startled me. I highly recommend you check out the doc…make up your own mind:

Behind the Curve is streaming on Netflix and which ever platform you watch cool documentaries.

flat earth doc.jpg

Behind The Curve @ WT F

Recorded: Wednesday February 13, 2019 at 11am at WeWork

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