Host Haiku In Session With…CAIRO

As inspired by listening to CAIRO’s A History of Reasons

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Hidden Gem: Juliana’s Daughter “In Which She Melts”

From Someone Not There web series Episode #1 “The Launch” comes this spectacular track by Juliana’s Daughter.

Such a treat to be able to include in the web series soundtrack (thank you Janice!!). Listen to that chorus: “I melt like butter around you / And my heart’s aflutter around you.” Shucks. That’s a mixtape special.

As gentle and as effortless as clouds, In Which She Melts instantly creates a beachhead on the shores of your heart: capturing it not with force but with a distinct and noble peace. Hyperbole? Or earnest joy?

That’s up to you:


Listen to My Summer Lair @ W • T • F

Host Haiku In Session With…The Lovelocks

As inspired by listening to The Lovelocks The Lovelocks – EP

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Hidden Gem: David Newbould “Lucinda”

One of the funnest aspects of being one of Girth Radio’s curators is uncovering hidden gems. We honestly need an honest infographic for how much music is being made and how much is not being discovered. It’s as criminal as a Batman villain.

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Reading is FUNdamental…The Unwritten Volume 9: The Unwritten Fables

How does Mike Carey & Peter Gross’ Unwritten keep the quality so high and yet delightfully complex with every trade? Magic? Voodoo? Talent?

Unwritten is the Scotch of comic books…it’ll just improve with age. Crazy how good and smart this series is, panel for panel. I dunno how people read Unwritten monthly. I “need” the trades to absorb all the depth of the story, it’s so dense. (Morning Glories another excellent dense comic book series is the same…way too dense for monthlys!)

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Hidden Gem: Shawn William Clarke “Sunday Quiet”

Here’s all you need to know about the following Hidden Gem:

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Illuminated Chronicles: The Medicine Hat…Live @The Great Hall

On April 24, 2014 SoundStill presented Live at the Great Hall (an ex-church in Toronto). The dynamic lineup featured Union Duke, Juice, YUKA and The Medicine Hat. One live song from each band was recorded, live.

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Hidden Gem: Lorde “Team”

Let’s get down to business, because business is good.

This track from Lorde, Gaga’s current single Do What U Want, few other singles floating on cyber space clouds are ouija board channelling the 80s. See business is good. For such a maligned, parodied and ridiculed decade it’s influence on our current Arts and Crafts is splendid. These days all I want to do is dance.

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Girth Radio: In Session…Logo!

As announced late last year I am the “the devastatingly handsome face/host interviewer for Girth’s Thursday night show: In Session.”

I can now show you the logo as designed by designer Jai Johnson:

Snazzy yet sexy, like an alien fashion show. Thanks Jai!

Join me and my guests every Thursday night at 6pm at the Pacific Junction Hotel Bar (234 King Street East).

10:55 A-Musings (2015)

I figure things out by doing; I’d rather figure out how to swim by jumping into the pool. Like every strategy that comes with advantages and disadvantages. It does mean I work more slowly.

Talking with an Artist recently the penny dropped…I never went to art school; clearly…when I draw something I still have to explain what it is like a small child: it’s a turtle. What do you mean turtles aren’t purple?!

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