Instrumental Words For Good Music

Question for music fans/music nerds…you discover an amazing new band, some utterly freshtastic music, it blows your mind and you wonder how on earth you’ve lived up till now without said music in your life…what’s your go to expression when you joyfully discover incredible new music?

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The Pampers Big Baby Award Idea

Out of all the heavily branded awards and associations in the NBA I wish Pampers would sponsor a Big Baby Award.

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The Heat Cooled Off

Heat LOSE! Heat LOSE! Heat LOSE! Heat LOSE! They couldn’t beat a Chicago Bulls team that had no Derrick Rose, no Joakim Noah, no Richard Hamilton and no key reserve guard Marco Belinelli. BOOM!

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Charting Risk via Game Shows

Watching the Game Show Network last night (look it was Monday night, my choices were slimmer than Kate Moss). As a strange study not based on any sort of science or theory I wonder if you could chart the evolution of risk through game show contests.

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