Host Haiku In Session With…Sun K


As inspired by listening to Sun K’s Bleeding Hearts

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#CouchWorthy: Baby Driver

Yo…if you go see Baby Driver this weekend, prepare to pay attention.

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The Wonder Games

Just had the oddest experience: I stood in line at…the bookstore. It’s 2017 they keep pimping the ease and convince of online books; save space is the same marketing promise as drink this beer and you’ll bed hot girls and yet here we all are in a bookstore line up. The Usual Suspects.

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Free Love: My Shout Out in Growing Up Forty

This is freshtastic. Rob Gaudette recently launched Growing Up Forty a pop culture blog celebrating comics and movies and video games from a 40-ish POV. He’s killing it.

He recently posted one of the fisticuffs we’ve been having and concluded the post with this:
“Finally, if you’re on Twitter, follow Sammy. His opinions and conversations will either infuriate you or make you laugh out loud. May or may not be best read while going to the bathroom, I leave that to you.”

Outstanding branding! I wish I could cram all that onto a business card…what an excellent way to kick off the weekend. See you in hell pants…


Back Issue Bloodbath Episode 85: Kraven’s Last Hunt

This. Book. Is. Everything. One of my favourite comics. I am grateful my parents spent the time teaching me how to read. One of the last times Spider-Man would be baptized in darkness: he’s now Marvel’s gateway drug to seduce children and sell em bed sheets. Damn.

There’s so much I wanted to say…about where we are and where we’ve been: I just didn’t have the vocabulary. Damn.

Still here’s Andrew and I talking Kraven’s Last Hunt…thanks for listening. As always on Facebook you can like Back Issue Bloodbath and Geek Hard for more nerdery.

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Better Batman Than Sorry

So…Joel Schumacher apologized for Batman and Robin. Which is nice I guess but ultimately it doesn’t erase them from history. Joel’s Batman movies continue to exist in life and worse in my head…where’s that handy Men In Back eraser thingie: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Bat-Mind.

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Over The Hill King: the epilogue of LeBron James

Tonight. Tonight we “witnessed” the epilogue of LeBron James. He was never a goat but he was always an ass. It is done…there is no highlight, no stat, NO THING that permits any comparison to Michael Jordan. Or Kobe. Or Magic. Or Kareem. Or Bird. On and on and on it goes…

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Hidden Gem: U2 “The Little Things That Give You Away”

Sammy Younan

Girth Radio Presents…

Yo…finally got around to watching U2’s Kimmel appearance…the new song is strong: The Little Things That Give You Away (clearly Bono is a pre-twitter writer).

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The Heat Is On!!!

At the risk of sounding like Glenn Fry: The Heat Is On! First gloriously hot Summer day: the Sun with all its heat and potential and promises is here.

So beautiful; go outside and collect that warm hug.

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Twilight Zone vs Comfort Zone

I answered the following question honestly but now I’m having second doubts. A Dad asked me if Sausage Party was appropriate viewing for his 7 year old. Think he and the kid were confusing it with various Pixar movies: talking fruit and all that.

(It’s an odd service I provide…recent questions from diligent parents include: Can I take my kids to Guardians of the Galaxy 2? and is there a lot of talking/exposition in Wonder Woman?)

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