#SetTheVCR: May 30-June 5, 2022

Assemble your Boys because the NBA Finals begin on the same day Orville is charting New Horizons. This is going to be an unforgettable #SetTheVCR week.

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#SetTheVCR: May 23-29, 2022

It’s blockbuster week at #SetTheVCR. New Star Wars; New Stranger Things. It’s all happing; so are you in or are you out?

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#SetTheVCR: May 16-22, 2022

If you dig jokes and comedy and humour with a U in it; boy is this week’s #SetTheVCR “special.”

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#SetTheVCR: May 9-15, 2022

We got a Time Traveler, a new Matrix that like Batman is Unburied, plus 2 movies from the mid-80s and the return of Kids In The Hall. If you feel Old reading this week’s #SetTheVCR that’s covered as well.

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May All Your Days Be This Good

If your Cinco de Mayo plans include going out tonight and getting hammered on Coronas; should it all go well as the clock strikes midnight you’ll be well on your way to celebrating tomorrow’s festivities: May 6 is National No Pants Day. #DownWithPants

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233 | Alex Mallari Jr. (The Adam Project & Hello (Again))

My Summer Lair Chapter #233: Are you impressed with how hard a time traveler from Scarborough hustles?

You know how New York City has Brooklyn? And Brooklyn has blessed New York City and really the world with Jay-Z, Michael Jordan, Spike Lee. Lots of really cool creatives from a really cool borough.

Well in Toronto we too have a super cool borough; our Brooklyn is Scarborough. Which has fashioned a lot of dope creatives. The Weeknd is from Scarborough as is Mike Myers, Jim Carrey and myself. That’s right. I’m putting myself on that list. As well as my guest Alex Mallari Jr.

He and I do talk about Scarborough throughout this conversation. We talk about the hustle and the heart; you can hear the vibrant passion and an electric gratitude: honestly from both of us. Scarborough is a beautiful borough populated with remarkable energy.

This isn’t just a conversation about Scarborough. Rather Alex and I discuss The Adam Project now streaming on Netflix. And Hello (Again) streaming on CBC Gem.

They’re both stories that involve time travel which is code for regrets or mistakes as well as a snarky kid. The Adam Project is a movie starring Ryan Reynolds who crash lands near his younger self and together to save the future they must overcome obstacles. Such as the main goon Christos played by Alex Mallari Jr. As Christos Alex was so Scarborough…a little bit rough; a little unrefined but constantly hustling. While Ryan Reynolds is so B.C. just a gorgeous view from every angle.

As for CBC’s Gem’s Hello (Again) it’s a time loop romance! Well technically a Canadian time loop romance; as it’s on the CBC. Behold the relationship with chef Jayden and ER resident Avery. Only for a chef the relationship is not cooking. So naturally a supernatural time loop situation grants him the chance to get things right…or keep trying. That’s the magically power kid in this project who trapped him in a loop. The first season of this time loop romance is 9 episodes. As for CBC’s Gem’s Hello (Again) it’s a time loop romance! Well technically a Canadian time loop romance; as it’s on the CBC. See what I did there?

Let’s exit this loop and start this My Summer Lair conversation by asking Alex about Canadian trash talking with Ryan Reynolds.

Alex Mallari Jr. @ WT F

Host Sammy Younan

Recorded: Wednesday January 26, 2022 at 11:30am

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#SetTheVCR: May 2-8, 2022

From Star Wars to Star Trek I’m happy you’re Along For The Ride as we explore strange #SetTheVCR worlds! Don’t believe me? Just Ask Dr. Ruth.

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