The Art of Getting By (Movie…Not Advice!)

Ok let’s talk about last night’s film The Art of Getting By. I was the only person in the cinema…50 seats all to myself. Normally I go to the movies every Sunday on my own but until I got to my friend’s place following the screening for tea I didn’t fully realize how tender I’d been the last few days. Sitting by myself in a dark room was both great and sad.

So…here we go…

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The Grand Celestial Jailbreak

Everything in this world conspires to keep you down.

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S’up Cuz Interview: Crafted Spaces Podcast

At the Clothing Show, as per S’up Cuz tradition our booths feature candy (and Sassy Classy t-shirts!). Like a cute dog, like a small naked child motoring on two chubby legs candy attracts the masses. The system works!

There DC and I had the fortunate opportunity to engage Yvette-Michelle Cottle Darby who was also hosting a Clothing Show booth. After plying her with candy we heard more of her story and about being a writer for the blog Crafted Spaces. Oh and hosting a Crafted Spaces podcast, which she asked that DC and I partake as an interview slash discussion on partnerships.

Excellent. Time to polish our jokes because podcasts like life don’t offer a second take!

You can check out the podcast here!

Thanks Yvette-Michelle Cottle Darby and Crafted Spaces. DC and I had a blast doing this, we hope to be back in the Fall on another podcast. Check it!

Overheard at NXNE 2011

“I only go to the fun parties.”

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Smashing T-Shirt

Every time I wear my Smashing Pumpkins t-shirt people always feel the need to comment about the band.

Some positive, some negative.

Only band t-shirt I have that prompts comments…strange…


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