How The Emotional Sausage Gets Made

On the street so I decided to buy some meat.

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Back Issue Bloodbath 90: Steve Trevor

Steve Trevor is one of the lamest most worthless comic book characters (anyone who saw the recent Wonder Woman can attest to this fact; and Steve impressively sucks in a DC world filled with losers like Jimmy Olsen, Cyborg, Lois Lane…Spoiler etc.).

75 years and he’s accomplished…well nothing.

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Evolution of Apes In Pants

So War for the Planet of the Apes opens today…which is great as it means the end of humanity and with that…the happy end of pants!

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Close Encounters of Some Kind

Today…today we have a moment of silence to reflect on the brave souls who perished in the service of exploration. Often we do not know their names but we can celebrate their curiosity which propelled them; fueling their seemingly endless journeys across the stars.

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