Illuminated Chronicles: Font Men

As children our journey imitates human evolution: we start out drawing on walls.

It’s one of our first artistic risks crushed by an ardent no. If we can successfully maintain our Artistic impulses through the limited faculties of education and many more nos we arrive to eventually professionally begin…writing on walls.

Only this time wall writing is consider advertising. As the Font Men in this documentary short confirm a font isn’t alive until it “joins the culture.”

In 6 minutes this sublime documentary short explores Hoefler & Frere-Jones a distinguished type foundry with classy clients including The New York Times and Nike. Like a magician on Fox they reveal several font designing secrets.

Save yourself the Art School tuition, make tea and relish this short.

“Typography is the craft of endowing human language with a durable visual form.”
Robert Bringhurst, The Elements of Typographic Style

Hidden Gem: Betty & Oswald “King of The Fools”

I met this band at a CMW BBQ: rather fittingly with a dancey groove that’s got more pep than an entire rally, the smooth Total Blender blending of a male voice with a female voice and sadness and sorrow that this delightful tune is shorter than Gary Coleman (too soon?).

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New Noise: The EP by The Addington County Revue

From The Addington County Revue or ACR for short:
These songs were written while travelling up and down highway 401.

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Host Haiku In Session With…Oh Land


As inspired by listening to Oh Land’s Earth Sick

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Trailer Alert: Amy Winehouse Doc Amy

I can only write about Amy Winehouse with a heavy heart. She had it…man she had it. It was all there in the music.

Alas it was not meant to be: on July 23rd 2011 Amy died of alcohol poisoning; leaving this life and becoming a celebrated member of the 27 Club.

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Hidden Gem: The Ecstatics “Float”

Wow…just wow! This song is made for volume and fist pumping and high fives!

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Host Haiku In Session With…Twin Forks

As inspired by listening to Twin Forks’ Twin Forks

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Trailer Alert: Crimson Peak

Get the feeling I’ll be sleeping with my G.I. Joe nightlight after this…Guillermo del Toro returns with Crimson Peak:

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Keys To The Future

As per my custom this morning I got off the subway a few stops earlier: I emerged outside to absorb some delicious Sunshine before being trapped indoors all day.

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My Summer Lair featuring Scott McCloud

My Summer Lair Chapter #8: “I measure books in how much they inconvenience people.” Scott McCloud reveals his charming metric for success: basically a book butterfly effect or as he eloquently chuckles: “a widening radius of disaster.” Which is the infectious irony of The Sculptor.

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