We get together on Friday to plot, plan and to scheme.

It’s fascinating when people are on the same page, when it’s working, when we’ve all collectively and individually decided to move forward.

To recognize and give permission to move forward, to let and give others the freedom to do so as well.

Grow, not just in stature but in vision in desire and in hunger. Spark that fire deep in your bones, especially with the dawn of winter.

Choose now to not be satisfied but to long and reach for what could be quite unattainable. No more: the ol is it the destination or the journey quandary. Now it’s both!

Why not this time, with this group of people, why can’t we decide to make it both? Let’s make this road trip exciting right to the end. S’why road trip movies are so anticlimactic, once you get there, well that’s that.  Now what?  The momentum of the journey has been halted, the planing the scheming, the overcoming all and every obstacle to get here ceases almost immediately.  Like when a band stops after a long hard tour and just…goes home.

This time…let’s keep going!  Journey and Destination, we want both, let’s reach for both, we’re due.  We’re owed.  Right?  Right…


Reading is FUNdamental…The Unwritten Volume 7: The Wound

This weekend’s plans include going HAM on my To Read Pile…I still haven’t touched Joseph Anton Salman Rushdie’s on-the-run memoir or…and I’m so fired…Morning Glories Volume 4 which has been sitting on my desk for weeks now. No pants time badly needed.

(Similarly I can’t stand that forever-time between new comics and pants removal to begin reading. Proclivities aside I’m keeping this short, want to get my nose back into Unwritten Volume 7).

I’ve about 2 more issues to go in this equally impressive Unwritten trade. Previously I thought Ho Lee Chow…Unwritten Volume 6 was a phenomenal way to kick off 2013. So much delicious and nutritious ruckus. Now as I’ve gone deeper into Volume 7 my 2013 is flourishing and I’m convinced #MikeCareyIsBoss should be trending on twitter.

Stories…that’s the one of the thickest most common threads expertly connecting humanity across time and history. When we used to gather round the campfire now we huddle around the glow of a warm monitor.

Unwritten celebrates stories…an inspired exploration of what it means to be well read. There’s also vampires, an evil cabal, bizarre Harry Potter references, magic, comic books and more.

This is an incredibly astonishing series, a perpetual magic act that has me scratching my head trying to figure out how Mike Carey & Peter Gross pulled it off.

Want to treat yourself today? Alright have a pants-off nap but before you do…buy Unwritten Volume 1 (yes you need this in your life and on your bookshelf) and start on the sweetest part of every single story: Page 1.


My Jeff Garlin Moment

So here’s the story. The lovely and talented Whitney Matheson is the writer and supreme pop cultural goddess of Pop Candy, a freshtastic blog at USA Today. Being that we’re modern folk she and I will talk via the magic of email and the wonder of twitter. Now I happened to be in the Big Apple at the same time as she was interviewing comedian and filmmaker Jeff Garlin…one of those fancy pants Apple store events. (You following? It’s basically like Inception I’m in the Apple store in the Big Apple).

You can read Whitney’s interview with the always full of mirth Jeff Garlin or…if you want to be all modern and hip cruise your Segway to iTunes and listen and watch the chat. Now…it’s at the 27:30 mark where–following his conversation with Whitney the audience got to grill Jeff–you’ll hear me ask Jeff: “What’s the difference between raw funny and like stand up funny?”

The question came outta a recent debate slash discussion with some comedian friends prior to jetting to NYC. Seemed rather fitting to inquire of a gent who is equally raw funny and also able to do the whole stand up bit thing. I really dug his answer which you know was going to be wise because he started with “Here’s the thing…”

Oh and yeah, once the event concluded I got to meet Jeff and finally Whitney…to sum: “Perfect teeth. Nice smell. A class act all the way.” (That evening was all kinds of Coming Up Milhouse: since I was in SoHo I shuffled my Jordans over to Rocket Joe’s a supa delicious pizza joint on Delancey. Like it was Cheers I strolled in just as they were pulling out a fresh bbq chicken pie outta the oven. Oh snap! Couldn’t get my bib on fast enough.)

Jeff Garlin and I (Sammy Younan)

Jeff Garlin and I (Sammy Younan)


Eliot’s Future

Keys in hand, left shoelace undone like so many previous schemes, gripping my jacket at the shoulders trying to get it properly on my thin frame, gotta go, gotta go, rush out lest I be late.  Places to be people to see false purpose.

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Mr. Saturday Night

Alright so…in New York City there are these fantastic Brooklyn house parties hosted by Mr. Saturday Night. The dude is an Artist and rather than pay apartment rent and studio rent he got one large place and throws parties to make ends meet. Every Saturday he moves all the furniture to one side of the apartment and everybody shows up and has a good time.

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Times Square Luke

In a diner not far from Times Square. Couple beside me wrapping up their meal/date. Dude pays and says he has to take off. Girl says thanks! That was fun let’s do this again. Sweet smile. Dude jets.

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Affiliations: Game Shows

Some of my current and Game Show Affiliations:

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NYC Tears

Finally found a few moments…been spending the last few days running around The Big Apple. And here is how the trip started.

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The Big Apple Stink

Flying to New York City later today. And like most brown people it’s a pain to deal with ignorant TSA agents. That they’re often racist compounds general annoyance. Thus I’m going to the airport with my tried and true passive aggressive response (patent pending) when crossing the border:

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Share The Cool & Skip The Small

At the risk of being all grumpy cat on a Monday…today’s PSA is about small talk.

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