Hire & Fire

So this is exciting…my company NewMusic Ten is growing and I get to hire some new faces. Only…I’ve never hired anybody before. The talented people I work with are all Super Friends. So this is the first time I have to like, post the job, read resumes and do, like job interviews. And so far, this entire process is utter bullshit.

A job interview is like a first date only I’m asking: “So…you were with your ex for 5 years, why’d you break up?” That’s a horrible first date. And tells me nothing.

So you can type and use twitter and excel, big deal, so can a 10 year old.

Every day people are going to work and dealing with co-workers they don’t like. Because HR sucks…they hired “the best” based on qualifications typically fudged on resumes and interviews. Hiring “the best” is an asinine shortcut, it’s how we end up with jerkfaces in the office, who typically are useless.

A better first date is…
Who is your favourite Doctor Who?
What music are you listening to these days?
Who will win the NBA this year?

None of those answers have anything to do with the job but if I’m gonna work with somebody they better be fun. Creativity is sexy. Skills can be developed, if a person is willing to learn, wicked, then let’s go on an adventure, a road trip with no maps.

I’m not dealing with medicine, I’m allowed to fail and make mistakes.

So angry and annoyed I have to be subjected to the current process we have for hiring. Who designed this crap? No wonder super talented people are struggling to find a job.

I’m not doing this, I’m not participating in this awful process. I wish this process had nuts so I could punch its nuts.


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