#SetTheVCR for Sunday, March 31 to Saturday, April 6, 2019

Behold all the seasons and shows I’ve missed for various nonsensical reasons giving me another opportunity via another season. It remains to be “seen” if I’ll watch. That’s the nice thing about tv…you often get a second chance even if you don’t deserve it.

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Netflix Is 45 Not 23

How much credit should we give Netflix or rather their machine learning algorithm?

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Getting Dirty With The Dirt

As the Saints of Los Angeles Mötley Crüe warrants a documentary however for now The Dirt their biopic on Netflix is Straight Outta Compton for White People. (I haven’t see Bohemian Rhapsody…haven’t been on airplane for a bit…maybe when it’s on Netflix?)

The Dirt (while a deeply flawed movie…it’s not even good in parts) is a disheartening symbol of how sanitized and sterilized our pop culture has become. And is becoming! Remember when rock n roll (and comedy!!) were dangerous? Those were good times. Sigh.

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#SetTheVCR for Sunday, March 24 to Saturday, March 30

This is one of those weeks where “we’re in the golden era of television” is a hard sell. Still undaunted I’ve found some television worthy of your VCR.

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We Need A Word For….#3

There needs to be a word for that devastating moment when you’re out with your girl maybe it’s Friday night; maybe at a party and a song comes on…THAT song comes on and you use your most upbeat sky punching tone to telegram “yes! oh this song yes!”

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He’s Good For A Laugh

Over drinks a friend shares she started seeing a boy. Oh? How is that going? She tells me a bit…seems like it’s going well: the boy is no laughing stock.

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Dynamite Denny

Easily the highlight of my Toronto Comicon experience was my conversations with Denny O’Neil. Who if you don’t know is the creator credited with coining the name Optimus Prime (he’s known as Convoy in other parts of the world) and restoring Batman following the comical 66 tv show…in the late 60s/early 70s Denny along with other his DC Comics collaborators basically established a Batman by nerds for nerds.

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Overheard at Toronto Comicon 2019

Since Friday night I’ve been attending Toronto Comicon. Here are some moments I’ve overheard…

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Trailer Alert: Avengers: Endgame

Alright new Avengers: Endgame trailer!

You gonna have the balls to call a movie Endgame than you better also have the balls to end the game of some Avengers. Cue the grave digger from Kraven’s Last Hunt.

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Gathering Ocean Natives

Earlier tonight I was talking to this cute girl (not like that unfortunately but I enjoyed making her laugh…I was getting better at it which is an encouraging sign the first time you start doing something) and in between laughs we were talking about The Ocean.

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