Smell Ya Later 2020

Well: that’s all she wrote for 2020.

What a strange year…still early to tell if it was a good year or a terrible year. It was something…odd.

The usual weddings and funerals were sandwiched between lockdowns and sports going on hiatus. The commute to work was replaced by a daily constitutional. (Does that phrase mean pooping?)

We ran outta things to talk about because we didn’t do much: nobody travelled (well all that much…) or went to the movies (I did manage to see Tenet: so confusing…) or have celebrity encounters (what is gonna happen to fame in 2021?!).

Lotta times this year was like being at a party where you don’t know anybody and all the talk is small.

Still as almighty American Elvis says: TCB in 2021.

Taking Care of Business…may your schemes and dreams take flight; get others into the limelight and duck should you find yourself in a gun fight.

On To The Next One!


Together, America, We Will Say Goodbye To Cory Booker

Cory Booker is out!

Darwin is not surprised Cory Booker has dropped outta the 2020 Race: “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.”

“The law of evolution is that the strongest survives!” Word.

It’s funny over the weekend my Dad and I saw some poll on tv and like Bloomberg was 4% and Booker was 3%. I mean Booker was around for months and Bloomberg showed up 10 minutes ago. So we were both surprised Bloomberg managed to “catch up.”

Booker’s dropping out is a surprise…I thought this months ago. It’s not that candidates like Andrew Yang are doing well; it’s that Booker is doing so badly. (Yang doesn’t even need to win the Presidency (politicians accomplish little if anything) however to build a powerful platform opens many doors. However Cory is a politician so he’s probably playing to win.)

I expected he’d be in it a bit more but he was like that surprise NBA team that abruptly gets swept outta the second round. I’m not just surprised they lost but that they got swept too you know? Wow, ok.

This is rarely said but there’s some buyer’s remorse with Obama and I wonder if that tainted him. Like maybe it’s time to try women or gay or something else other than black. A totally different flavour. American politics have a history of going opposite the last guy they had.

Sad to Booker him go; he’d make Star Trek references every now and then…I’d vote for a nerd. Which can’t be any dumber than all the other reasons people vote. (Even after I read his book. One of the more disappointing political books is Cory Booker’s United: Thoughts on Finding Common Ground and Advancing the Common Good: writing’s stiffer than a fresh Frankenstein Monster.)

And by the way it’s startlingly how as my Dad and I were watching the talking heads analyze these poll numbers we’re “back to normal.” The whole thing with 2016 was the polling was wrong and often inaccurate yet we’ve made no changes to how we collect the data and we’re accepting everything at face value.

Man people suffering with dementia are not this bad; like yo…we hafta make media coverage changes. We literally just lived through this. And…I’m clearly talking to myself.

p.s. in the first Simpsons episode of 2020 Nelson said: “Americans can be fat AND poor. That’s what makes us so great.” I laughed hard. That’s a solid line.


Elected To Make Excuses

I read this in the NY Times:
“Andrew Yang began his closing statement at the last Democratic debate with a charming bit of self-deprecation: “I know what you’re thinking, America. How am I still on this stage with them?”

Yang has never been elected to any office. He is a businessman who has never run a major company. Even so, he is one of the Democratic Party’s seven leading candidates for an election that everybody agrees is desperately important. The other six on the debate stage included another businessman who’s never held office and a mayor who has never won an election with more than 10,991 votes.”

ummm Trump killed that logic. I’d expect that from Fox but not the NY Times.

Yang produces an odd panic when people start to think he can win and they resort to that. I saw a bit more of that “criticism” towards the end of December.

So strange. Moving forward for all future elections I dunno how much of a factor “never been elected to any office” is going to be. It’s not always a bad thing; there could be value to that.


Be Well Read

Confession: I like to read. Thankfully my subway is often delayed so I’m never on time for anything but I am well read when I finally get there.

Since 2011 I’ve been using a google spreadsheet to Fitbit my reading. (It’s one of those weird things where somebody’ll ask for a book recommendation and my brain goes I dunno. Real helpful…as such I started to write it all down.)

Starting in 2011 I’ve used my birth date (September 28) as Day 1 and I read for the year up to the day before (September 27).

I tend to knock out about 80 books in a year (plus a buttload of comics…about 400 or so single monthly issues and roughly 100 trades/graphic novels for the year).

This year I’m under slightly: at 76 books. (September 27 is Friday…I won’t start a new book; rest up instead since I just concluded 2 books today).

Which means since September 28, 2011 I’ve read a grand total of 518 books.

(Sports biographies, Stephen King novels, start-up memoirs, poetry collections and lots more.)

I don’t say this to be impressive; you know me well enough we’re way past trailers and first date manners. I’m cool with who I am; hopefully you are as well.

I share it because I often see people express the desire to read more. And what I’ve learned is that like everything else in life when I paid attention to something it improved.

If you wanna lose weight you hafta keep getting on the scale. I was startled that something as simple as pay attention would dramatically increase the amount of books I’d read. It worked so…I pass that on to those who long to read more.

Figure out what works for you…GoodReads, google spreadsheet, note thingie app on your phone…and go nuts: write it all down; track it like a focused hunter and in no time you’ll be devouring books whole like a python.

There’s so many incredible and astonishing books out there impatiently waiting to make your life better…to inject wonder into your imagination and to startle your set theories while refreshing your outdated facts.

It is a fantastic time to be an avid reader: especially if you pay attention.


Yo, I Thought I Told You That We Won’t Stop…

So I watched the second half of the Super Bowl. Tom Brady is 6 for 9 in the Super Bowl.

I’m not an NFL guy at all but that’s incredible…6 for 9! Criticisms of any kind are utterly irrelevant, haters are worthless…critics don’t count. 6 for 9!

I watched because Jordan taught me this goes by so quickly. 

As much as it resets the standards of excellence this doesn’t last. We tolerate so much mediocrity from corporations and politicians and our managers at work…hell LeBron is considered great and he has 3 rings. 3?!!

Stop wasting my time with LeBron…he’s a Vegas slot machine no matter how much investment he gets he ain’t never gonna be money.

I went to see Jordan and Kobe live as much as I could and I fought myself from taking them for granted…I pushed myself like a Nike commercial to accept that one day they will be gone. I’m grateful for their relentless determination and their sacrifice not just of themselves but of the others who they denied glory.

6 for 9! Just keep going. There’s no reason to stop. Make it an even 10. 6 for 9! Wow.


Dancing Into The Light

So this is 2019 so far…it’s comforting we don’t have jet packs because they’d burn out butts on the way to work!

Shout out to those at last night’s Jaaaaaaaaaaaam who upon recognizing that the DJ had dropped Follow The Leader opted to…not follow the leader.

You are the rebels, the beautiful nonconformists…the ones who live on the fringe on the Dance Floor Of Life generously adding spice to our life lives and to our work. Thank You!

Eh…maybe you didn’t want to participate in a conga line or just needed to take a break from dancing.

May there be more dancing in 2019.


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