S’up Cuz Podcast #2

DC and myself return for another engaging S’up Cuz podcast. The topic is 2012’s Summer Movies.

With such an extravaganza of spectacle there’s lots to debate, cross arms, count down the days to opening screening and more. Plus: female celebrities, who is accessible? Who you think you could successfully close? Things that make you go hmmmm….

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Clothing Optional Dinner…Is Real??

Hell, Yeah. Turns out there is a restaurant where you can eat without pants! So hitting this…

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7 Excellent Cigar Smoking Tunes

I smoke cigars. Not because it’s cool, not because I’m trying to impress you and not because I have a beef with my health. A cigar is a forced slowdown, a break from the ordinary rush, the difference between scanning and reading. A cigar is chilling. I can’t imagine how Daily Bugle publisher J. Jonah Jameson smokes cigars at work. Why equate something designed for chilling with working? That’d be like using a hot tub to hold business meetings. (Actually this isn’t a bad idea, will file away this one to explore later…).

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Mother’s Day Gift: A Beautiful Day

This is my Mother’s Day gift.

Since my Mom’s a U2 fan I conspired with these lovely ladies, The Lovelocks to record Beautiful Day:

Turned out great! My Mom is so proud “people in show business” know who she is. She feels famous, she’s totally thrilled with this gift.

To all the Mom’s out there, cheers, you deserve more than 1 day. Thank you for all you do.

Nerd Rage Podcast #1

“You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”

Fear the wrath of an angry nerd! Now with even more bad puns…comes the Nerd Rage Rage Podcast. Hosted by myself (Sammy) and a fellow nerd Brian, we’re 2 nerds who hulk out! (Purple pants not required. Especially because all pants are unnecessary. But I digress…)

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S’up Cuz Podcast #1

S’up Cuz is a t-shirt company featuring over 20 freshtastic designs by myself and DC. It’s basically another creative playground we frolic in, truly a t-shirt is a limitless canvas. So to celebrate all matters Summer…for 2012 we’re offering a free S’up Cuz podcast.

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NBA Playoffs 2012: Fresh Mavs Cooked In Thunder

That sweet and thorough beating OKC gave the Mavs was utterly delicious.

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Lack of Romance Leads To Bromance…

Oh hell yes…just realized I’m wedding free this Summer. Booya!

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