The 636th episode of The Simpsons drops tonight. How crazy is that? It is officially the longest running primetime scripted series! Ever.

A) I’ve never expected that back in the day when I first started watching but then nobody else did either.

2) It just reinforces we’re never gonna see this again. Nothing made in the last 5 or 10 years is gonna last this long or have this much impact.

And people online are doing that whole rating thing…there’s the narrative it should have wrapped years ago. Or this season was better or this writer is worse. It’s 636 episodes…that is impossible to rate. It is impossible to rate. 

The Late Show with David Letterman? 4,263 episodes…it’s impossible to note all the changes, the different ideas…themes and memes; the evolution of the characters.

When you do that many episodes turkeys are inevitable…the bulk of the work has to be good or excellent or amazing. Superman just celebrated his 80th birthday…you think everything is outstanding work for 80 years?

Doctor Who is over 50 years old. Some of it is terrible. And yet some of it is do damn fresh.

This is how you succeed: outlast your haters and outlive your critics.

636 drops tonight.


Host Haiku In Session With…Brooklyn Doran


As inspired by listening to Brooklyn Doran’s These Paper Wings

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Deadpool’s Description Knocks Em Dead

In an era of spoilers’ demand and supply this is clever…20th Century Fox’s officially released Deadpool 2 synopsis.

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Trailer Alert: Venom & The Spider-Verse

Sony’s Spiderific Fall…

October 5, 2018

The Girl in the Spider’s Web
November 9, 2018

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
December 14, 2018

One of these has to catch you in their box office web…

So I know today’s focus is all Venom however Sony (Sorny!!) is also releasing Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse on December 14. This is a Mile Spider-Man movie.

As for the main event: you know Venom has decent…Carnage: I’d be willing to bond with this odd movie.

Thing is: Is Venom gonna be Sony’s Iron Man and kick off a new (Marvel-ish) universe or just be another weak monster movie like Tom Cruise’s Mummy taking with it all the glorious possibilities of the Dark Universe? 

I still long and fiercely hope Dark Universe returns. I’m probably the only one.

Sammy’s Status: I believe Tom Hardy can have fun with this and I’d be willing to take a chance on it.


Promising the Moon Knight

I made this joke when Andrew and I recorded Back Issue Bloodbath episode #102: A salute to Moon Knight by Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey. (Excellent series, highly Recommended Reading!) I’m repeating my joke again because…it’s funny cos it’s true and also I like my jokes!!

Are we still selling representation matters? Because this is all I got as an Egyptian comic book reader: a Jewish mercenary with dubious powers from a fictional Egyptian god who became a schizophrenic Avenger. So Inspiring! Crazy does make good cinema though…

As always this is not an official announcement; I share because this Feige is talking about Moon Knight which lends itself more to cinema than say the Netflix Marvel shows. As Avengers wraps up and Marvel moves forward introducing Captain Marvel, maybe Nova and Eternals…for Marvel Studio’s success to continue they’ll hafta to pimp cool and creative characters. Moon Knight could…work.


Marvel Has Plans For Moon Knight, Says Kevin Feige https://heroichollywood.com/moon-knight-marvel-kevin-feige/


Trailer Alert: Mercury 13

Talking to a friend earlier this week and he was relaying details from his recent interview with Uhura…yeah Star Trek. He bombarded the poor senior citizen…she’s in her 80s for sure…with all kinds of Star Trek questions as part of the documentary he’s working on. There’s a lot to discuss with her and Star Trek; granted but I was curious if he asked about her real life experiences pimping space and NASA.

A black person in space on a tv show…sure whatever: it’s fiction; s’little to do with reality. There’s a stunning Deep Space Nine episode Far Beyond the Stars that acknowledges all of these themes. S’about 1950s pulp sci-fi writers dreaming up well Star Trek. One editor says to black writer: “Sorry, Benny, I wish things were different, but they’re not.” To which the black writer wisely responds: “Wishing never changed a damn thing.”

Uhura understood this and recruited all kinds of people to become astronauts and to join NASA and to explore space.

When she kicks off her obit will be all Star Trek for true but this is her real legacy. You only affect change when you effect lives. The timing of that conversation with this new doc…

Today on Netflix Mercury 13 drops: a documentary on female astronauts who never made it to space. If you’re looking for something to watch this weekend until Strange Things 3.


All Gone

Walking down Yonge Street approaching a McDonalds as a Mom and her kid emerge from the restaurant.

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Visiting my friend at his fancy pants startup space and on the Universal Studios tour he shows me the newfangled get off my lawn 3D printer.

Intrigued I lean forward and bark at the printer: “Tea, Earl Grey, Hot!”
“It doesn’t work like that…it just makes the mug for the tea; it doesn’t make the tea.”

Bah! As an avid tea drinker I prefer the Star Trek future over this one.


The Circus: Inside the Greatest Political Show on Earth

The Circus returned tonight…oh man I made a tea.

The episode opened in a restaurant…as they always do (minus Mark Halperin…single tear) but the restaurant was in…Moscow!!

They’re investigating this idea of a new cold war between US and Russia.

The first interview is the editor in chief of RT (Russia Today) a channel my dad and I will occasionally watch. I watch Chris Hedges’ On Contact a NY Times writer and social critic. Excellent show…you’d dig it. Chris wrote Wages of Rebellion: The Moral Imperative of Revolt a dense and deep book on…well revolt and ruckus. Highly Recommended. 

Anyways they asked the Ed-In-Chief if the recent Russian election was fair and free: she looked at them and said point blank: our elections are as free and fair as your American elections are. 

OH SNAP! That’s a table flip.

The Circus quickly went to the next interview.

Yo…welcome back.


NBA Playoffs 2018: Round 1

April 14, 2018 is the start of the 2018 NBA Playoffs aka National Nut Up Day!

Nut Up, Put Up and Shut Up…

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