Literally anytime Keanu or Alex or Chris or Ed would say anything about Bill and Ted 3 there would just be this little explosion of interest on the internet, kind of culminating to the point where finally Orion and MGM decided, ‘Yeah we’re gonna do this’. We announced that it was possible and there was a huge explosion of interest, and I have to say that made [the studios] feel like, ‘Well, I guess we made a good decision here.’

In a separate interview, producer Scott Kroopf – who’s been a producer on all three movies – said fan interest also went a long way towards convincing the studio that Bill and Ted 3 was worth making.

Whenever a fool opens their dumb mouth to say Zack Snyder’s Justice League was unprecedented to giving in to the fan boys. It’s how it’s always been done.

#TrailerAlert: The Doorman is off-brand Die Hard.

Ruby Rose is not John McClane. I’d be foolish to accept this.

If I was on a long flight I’d watch it but I’m so not investing any money in it: showing this the door.

October 9 doesn’t matter where.
~ Sammy Younan

#SetTheVCR: August 30-September 5, 2020

Sammy Younan

Girth Radio Presents…

This week has lots of excellent TV recommendations we just sadly end on a somber note with a Chadwick Boseman movie. I mean that whole thing is strange.  Thankfully there’s lots of tv to distract and help process that.

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Lowe: OKC’s jersey patch deal completes sponsorship for all 30 teams

Lowe: OKC’s jersey patch deal completes sponsorship for all 30 teams

166 | Stuart Jones (By The Slice)

My Summer Lair Chapter #166: Did You Hear The One About The Diversity Of Animal Poop?

I’m supposed to interview Stuart Jones about his comedy album debut By The Slice but I hadda ask about his Crane Machine Skills. You’ve seen crane machines…those large vending machine-like booths with a giant claw you navigate and drop to pick up a random object that becomes your prize. Turns out Stuart Jones is a Crane Machine Master…he gave me a number of useful tips. I cannot wait to try these out.

Most informative episode I’ve dropped yet. Check that out if you too wanna become a Crane Machine Master.

Oh and as for his comedy album debut By the Slice? Well, it’s wonderfully Canadian: from the homeless situation which Vancouver is famous for; to Canadian politics to Pokemon Go!?

Recorded at Vancouver’s Yuk Yuk’s in November 2019, I recommend Animal Shit a clever wordplay bit reminiscent of George Carlin: “What’s the deal with English? We are so weird.”

The comedy album is called By The Slice so grab a slice while it’s hot. (That…sounded better in my head.)

166_Stuart Jones_POST.jpeg

Stuart Jones @ WT F

Host Sammy Younan

Recorded: Monday August 3, 2020 at 4:00pm (EST)

#SetTheVCR: August 23-29, 2020

Sammy Younan

Girth Radio Presents…

Though I do not mention it; there are as always NBA Playoffs games unfolding every night. However, I wisely realized that if that’s all I wrote for each day I’d alienate my readers. That’s what the puns are for! Plus it turns out there is TV to watch on other channels.

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Bruce Lee For The Win!

Today is DC Fandome!

The festivities begin at 1pm EST. (Team EST!!).

Because a large chunk of nerd shindig is so movie-centric (Wonder Woman! The Flash! The Batman! The Suicide Squad! Black Adam!) this feels like a full-court press.

MCU is (literally) on pause so this is the best window for DC Films to strike.
Will this work?
What does success look like for DC Films (and no not in comparison to Marvel Movies.).

Let’s do this thing! Attached is some of the schedule; here’s the rest. 

~ Sammy Younan

165 | Robert McCallum (The Power of Grayskull)

My Summer Lair Chapter #165: You Know Who He-Man Is; Do You Know Who Mr. Dressup Is?

Welcome to My Summer Lair director Robert McCallum. This My Summer Lair conversation starts talking about his documentary: Power of Grayskull: The Definitive History of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (which is now on Netflix. Highly Recommended Viewing!).

From He-Man we talk about his next project: Documenting Mr. Dressup.

One of the Interesting aspects of Power of Grayskull is that early on Mattel was searching for viable IP and it’s fascinating because it’s chicken and egg. Having lived through the late 70s and all of the 80s we’ve now come out the other side with Transformers and Alien and TMNT and Terminator and RoboCop and Star Wars just a plethora of IP. Even Rambo got a cartoon.

The tension is that these generations of nerds do not own these characters. Nerds and fans are caretakers: our presence prevents neglect. Corporations own these characters, corporations sometimes create these characters. An example as you’ll hear is He-Man.

The corporation did everything right: you know who He-Man is, you’ve heard of He-Man. And yet the corporation did everything wrong.

The passion for these characters infuses our discussion…which starts with He-Man and works its way to Mr. Dressup. Another example of how the corporation in this case the CBC did everything right…and tragically: did everything wrong.

Single tear.

165_Robert McCallum_POST.jpg

Rob McCallum @ WT F

Host Sammy Younan

Recorded: Wednesday December 16, 2019 at 1pm

#TrailerAlert: August 17, 2020

Amazon release this trailer for this documentary on voting and voter suppression in America this afternoon.

Americans are addicted to “vote!!” as an effective solution but voting has no value if the candidates are lousy. When the system forces voters to choose between Trump or Hillary it’s not clearly not good; it’s clearly not working.

You’re really honestly telling me those are the 2 best choices to represent 300 million people?!

The way the candidates are selected (in America and in Canada); the way we present them…the media all of that needs to be overhauled. In everything else we can research reviews…from cities we’re flying to; to a washer…to a book…there are reviews and opinions and recommendations and suggestions so people can avoid mistakes or bad choices. We don’t really do that properly with political candidates.

The debate used to be can you do more good outside the system or should you get elected and attempt to change the system from within. Now it’s obvious no good comes from within the system.

So yeah voter suppression is a major issue and yes it is racist but if the choices suck that’s not good either. So I hope this doc addresses some/all of that.

All In: The Fight For Democracy is on Amazon Prime on September 18. I’m In! I’ll make some tea and chill with this.

~ Sammy Younan

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