Father’s Day

August 2001…first time I visited London.

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Happy National Doomed Day

Happy Friday the 13th!

Let’s celebrate our endless invincible youth by camping at Crystal Lake with big boobed blondes while enjoying unwieldy premarital sex in the woods and smoking copious amounts of weed. What’s the worst that can happen…right guys?

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RSVPed A Tea Party

Oh. Wow! I’d only read about them in magazines, seen some things on tv but I’d never encountered one in real life. I finally got to meet a real life, 100% genuine American tea partier!

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Girth Radio Regulations

So this is super cool and I can’t believe this is happening. (At this point my immigrant parents are hoping to hear either the word marriage or baby so I’m thankful I’m sharing this news with you my pressureless peers instead): some nice people have decided to give me my own radio show. Yo!

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