Comic Book Staples

Lemme run something by you. There are two staples to comic books:

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Men In Black Kickstarter

The best thing about recommending a book/movie/comic book/band etc. is you know the amazing journey your friend is about to embark on.

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NewMusic Ten: Alan Cross Love

The estimable Alan Cross has posted a blog about NewMusic Ten. So cool!

NewMusic Ten Alan Cross ReviewAlan writes: “NewMusic Ten aims to encourage people to linger on this music and perhaps savour it for a while before the ADD kicks in again.”

Yup. He gets it. You can read the rest of his post.

As for NewMusic Ten you can see that HERE.

Oh No to Uh-Oh

At the urinal next to me a small boy, about 6 or 8 years old muttered: “uh-oh.”

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NewMusic Ten is LIVE!!!

Part of the process of building The SampleBank is listening. Listening to bands and fans and people who work at record companies. One of the common struggles is discovery.

Sure word of mouth is great for sharing new music but…how does that get started? We live in an era of music abundance and while the internet has been great in offering musicians myriad methods of distribution we still require opportunity generators for discovery.

Enter NewMusic Ten!

NewMusic Ten 10 Artists 1 Month 1 Album/EP each

NewMusic Ten is online music’s first ever pop up shop.

In real life in retail pop shops literally spring up everywhere. Sometimes for 2 weeks…sometimes for a month. I am transferring pop up shop principles to an online music store.

Music fans have 1 month to explore 10 Artists offering 1 album/ep each.

That’s it. 1 month! On midnight February 29 the site will be erased and another 10 Artists will be uploaded.

It is a pop up shop so please, don’t expect it to last. Here today…gone, well I’m not sure. Let’s have some fun with this.

Go, discover new music, encourage the artists…there is no sign up. I’m not collecting any information nor do I want it. Leave comments, vote, explore and share. It’s your world, your store…let’s now build a great soundtrack.

Who are the first 10? We got a ukulele player from NYC, a Scottish rock band, hip hop from Chicago and more!

You can see it here: http://www.newmusicten

The twitter account is @thesamplebank and hashtag is #NewMusicTen. (Yes the twitter is confusing but again pop up shop people so no point in getting a temporary twitter!)


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