185 | Steven Kostanski (Psycho Goreman)

My Summer Lair Chapter #185: What Is Happening?!

Welcome to My Summer Lair and welcome to Spangler Springs. If the name Spangler ignites a spark it’s Harold Ramis’ character from Ghostbusters. In the horror-comedy style tone of that movie I present to you Psycho Goreman written and directed by Steven Kostanski.

In short: Psycho Goreman is an all splatter/comedy about two kids befriending a murderous, megalomaniacal ancient alien overlord that they dig up in their backyard in Spangler Springs. Yup: I know. Hence my question at the top: what is happening?! 

In long: Psycho Goreman is a love letter to that classic video rental where you take it home not sure what you’ve got and when you push play you’re dropped into this fantastic world where nothing makes sense yet everything is so cool. This ain’t your mother’s Narnia. What is happening?! 

As you’ll hear Steven say in a few minutes talking about Psycho Goreman and video rental stores: “It’s very much summing up all my favorite like sci-fi, horror, fantasy, kids, adventure movie tropes from all the different films that I’ve absorbed over the years.” 

Truly this movie was so much fun; I’m particularly fond of the zombie cop…look out for him so this was a delight to talk to Steven about this hidden “gem.” That’ll make sense when you see the movie.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/L4tizc0IAVQ" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Psycho Goreman @ WT F

Host Sammy Younan

Recorded: Sunday January 10, 2021 at 2pm EST

Morning Tea: Movie Terms Like PVOD!

In Canada streaming rights are not right.

A breakdown of the movie terms because we’re experience a breakdown of cinematic releases.

“In which I tell you exactly what the hell SVOD, PVOD and EST mean, and also how many movie theatres are currently open in Canada (23; yes, just 23 across the entire country).”

Yo: Read The Rest: Here.


#SetTheVCR: January 25-31, 2021

We got jokes and sports. We got science to science-fiction. Yo: should be a solid TV week.

Monday, January 25

Sammy Suggestion: Snowpiercer: Season 2 (9 PM / TNT)

Take your place among the world’s elite on Snowpiercer, a ultra-luxury travel experience from Wilford Industries. Our thoughtfully-designed train cars are designed to help you fulfill your every desire. Take a tour and secure your reservation now.

TNT’s Snowpiercer adaptation (Vanilla Ice’s favourite show: Too Cold!) returns for a second season. Unless you’re in Canada which is ironic because we’ve a reputation for being a frozen dystopia. January 26 on Netflix for us. This season Sean Bean gets his ticket punched which makes sense as he is Mr. Wilford aka the mythical Great Engineer. Oh! Appears as if things are heating up in this frozen wasteland. Do know Snowpiercer TNT’s gravy train TV show about Strangers On A Train has been renewed for a third season. Even though the second season hasn’t even left the station yet. Rather comforting for viewers and the writers to know that upfront: they will not train in vain.

Tuesday, January 26

Frontline: Trump’s American Carnage (10 PM / PBS)

FRONTLINE offers a critical assessment of former President Donald Trump’s single term in office in the new episode Trump’s American Carnage.

Sammy Suggestion: Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel: Season 27 (10 PM / HBO)

Bryant Gumbel hosts this investigative sports newsmagazine series that features in-depth reports from REAL SPORTS correspondents Mary Carillo, Bernard Goldberg, Soledad O’Brien, Andrea Kremer, Jon Frankel and Gumbel himself.

Season 27 of the Real Sports kicks off today. (Think of it as 60 Minutes but sports focused.) One of the investigative segments for tonight’s season premier is Nike’s Oregon Project. I’m curious as I don’t know the full story. Nike’s Oregon Project was a runners group to experiment and effectively promote American long-distance running. However the team folded on October 10, 2019 after an investigation resulted in a four-year ban of longtime coach Alberto Salazar. Oh. So…what happened? What went wrong? Why did they…hit a wall?

Wednesday, January 27

Sammy Suggestion: Resident Alien: Season 1 (10 PM / Syfy)

An alien crashes on Earth and hides in a remote Colorado mountain town; after assuming the identity of the town doctor, his nefarious mission is threatened when he realizes one of the townspeople, a 9-year-old boy, can see his true alien form.

TV Show Premiere! Alan Tudyk plays an extraterrestrial stranded in a small Colorado town in the darkly comic sci-fi drama Resident Alien. Think E.T. but with lots of sarcasm. That works for me! Please Note: Canadians can view this witty Extra-Terrestrial on the CTV Sci-Fi Channel. Same time, same date.

Thursday, January 28

Sammy Suggestion: Dealer’s Choice: COMEDY SPECIALS (Anytime / Peacock)

A slew of Stand-Up Comedy specials to drop on same date.

Peacock adds a pile of stand up comic specials: just under 50 specials to tickle your funny bone. We got Bob Saget, 2 specials from D.L. Hughley, Henry Rollins, Kevin Smith, Mike Birbiglia (My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend back in 2013 is soooo good!), Sinbad, Tom Arnold, Tim Allen (1990’s Men Are Pigs! This was gold back in the day…does it hold up?), Whitney Cummings. Comedy specials from 1990 all the way to 2018: oh joy!

Friday, January 29

Below Zero (Anytime / Netflix)

When a prisoner transfer van is attacked, the cop in charge must fight those inside and outside while dealing with a silent foe: the icy temperatures.

Palmer (Anytime / Apple TV+)

Justin Timberlake plays a small-town football star turned ex-con turned unlikely protector of a young boy in a movie directed by Fisher Stevens.

Sammy Suggestion: You Should Have Left (Anytime / Crave)

Strange events plague a couple and their young daughter when they rent a secluded countryside house that has a dark past.

Screenwriter David Koepp teamed up with Blumhouse Productions to tell this creepy story about a family and an unrestful vacation house rental. S’hard to tell from the trailer but it’s either ghosts or secrets that are 6 degrees from Kevin Bacon. Either way Kevin Bacon is great with horror movies: from Stir of Echoes to Footloose (where a small town bans dancing! Talk about sleeping with my G. I. Joe nightlight on!).

Saturday, January 30

Sammy Suggestion: Apollo 11 (Anytime / Netflix (Canada))

Using newly unearthed film footage and audio recordings, this documentary goes deep behind the scenes of APOLLO 11’s historic 1969 landing on the moon.

There’s a powerful word used 3 or 4 times in the Apollo 11 documentary: curiosity. NASA truly didn’t know what was out there…or what to fully expect which mirrors the documentary filmmaking process. Director Todd Douglas Miller didn’t know what film footage was out there or what to expect…it turned out to be a 3 year journey gathering all of that footage. What’s staggering is this isn’t just the technology and the engineering to launch a rocket and get to the moon…that’s already a daunting challenge. But to document the entire process through film and still photography and even broadcast the launch and moon walk live on television is astonishing. This is a special and sublime documentary.

Sunday, January 31

Sammy Suggestion: The Circus (8 p.m. / Showtime)

Groundbreaking weekly docu-series that pulls back the curtain on American politics.

As President Trump was an incredible gift for mass media: ratings, sales and clicks. It was an amazing run. But is it over? The hosts of The Circus continue to explore the fractures in the American political landscape, despite a new administration. The oddest part of electing Biden is the flawed premise of going back to normal. There’s no such thing as “back to normal.” Celebrating dude’s inauguration as normal is like closing a wedding with “and they lived happily ever after.” What? How? Like: yo. So if we can’t go “back” to normal, how do we go ahead?


Sammy Younan is the affable host of My Summer Lair: think NPR’s Fresh Air meets Kevin Smith: interviews & impressions on Pop Culture.

Morning Tea: Netflix’s Watershed Quarter

“Netflix Q4 Review: Top Takeaways From a Watershed Quarter”

#Netflix “said 83% of 2020’s net sub additions of 37 million came from outside the U.S. & Canada.”

What’s going to happen to those cultures and their industries? We should be should be influenced by Hong Kong; we shouldn’t be influencing Hong Kong.

We’ve lived though this as Canadians trying to protect an industry that was never as good as America’s.

Will this draw talents who are good with high ROI?

Yo: Read The Rest: Here.


184 | Jamie Allan (Illusionarium)

My Summer Lair Chapter #184: Do You Have A Favourite Magic Era?

Today’s adventure is interviewing Jamie Allan an iMagician. He combines magic with iPads though as you’ll hear magic has a compelling history of employing technology to create innovative solutions. Magicians were the original Silicon Valley.

As Arthur C. Clarke pointed out, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to roll with a number of magicians and I find it irritating when they attempt to dispel the magic: it’s a card trick or using a previously bent coin. No it’s not!

I’m fully invested: the magic is 100% real magic. That even in an era laced with science and where enlightenment is peddled as a drug: I make room for magic. It is one of my pop culture food groups.

Which is why I so hope Illusionarium opens as expected: ready for this?

“Conceived by British magician Jamie Allen, this experiential exhibit blends Jamie’s encyclopedic knowledge of the history of magic with state-of-the-art technology, bringing the illusions of the past into the 21st century. Comprised of a series of four magical rooms, each representing a different era starting with the 17th century, visitors are guided through ever-evolving styles of magic spanning hundreds of years.” Clearly: I’m 100% IN.

Penn & Teller are part of this; that right there is worth the price of admission; David Copperfield made some valuable contributions, Harry Houdini who died in 1926 makes an appearance and this all takes place in Toronto…Canada which was the home of magician Doug Henning.

Illusionarium 2 My Summer Lair.JPG

Illusionarium @ WT F

Host & Photography by Sammy Younan

Recorded: Saturday December 12, 2020 at 1pm (EST)

#SetTheVCR: January 17-24, 2021

From Batman to Burt Reynolds to James Bond? This week’s #SetTheVCR has a lot of action to offer. And BONUS! We’re moving #SetTheVCR to Monday, so have two Sundays this week. All that extra #couthworthy goodness, just in time for the inaugeration. Thanks, Obama – er – Biden.

Sunday, January 17

Tiger: Docuseries Part 2 (9 p.m. / HBOMax & Crave)
TIGER is a two-part documentary offering a revealing look at the rise, fall, and epic comeback of global icon Tiger Woods. Part 2 is the conclusion.

Inside the Mind of Agatha Christie (10 p.m. / PBS)
The TV special Inside the Mind of Agatha Christie profiles the prolific British author and creator of such classic literary as sleuths Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot.


Batwoman: Season 2 (8 p.m. / The CW & Showcase)
Javicia Leslie takes over as BATWOMAN in the second season of the CW drama.


Sammy Suggestion: Pennyworth: Season 2 (9 p.m. / Showcase)

Former British SAS soldier Alfred Pennyworth forms a security company and goes to work with Bruce Wayne’s billionaire father, Thomas, in 1960s London.

The Canadian Debut: Alfred Pennyworth is no longer in Batman comics (RIP!) but he lives on in TV with all kinds of EPIX adventures. “In Pennyworth: Season 2 civil war has erupted in London, leaving Alfred in the middle and looking for an escape route.” Season 2 will feature the introduction of Lucius Fox (Simon Manyonda) who if you’ve read DC Comics will make you say oooo. (Please Note: in Canada Pennyworth: Season 2 debuts tonight on Showcase. It premiered in America on December 13 on EPIX.)

Monday, January 18


Jazz iconoclast Nina Simone, Emmy and Tony winner Cicely Tyson and action star Pam Grier are among the Black female entertainers celebrated on a new AMERICAN MASTERS.

Although Cicely Tyson and Pam Grier are among the entertainers celebrated in the latest episode of American Masters: the highlight is of course: Nina Simone. Keep her alive and keep her relevant: she’s so good. A stunning talent who truly demonstrated How It Feels to Be Free.

Tuesday, January 19


A 4-part true crime docuseries exploring a killer’s harrowing legacy – of tragedy, grief, responsibility and redemption – through the eyes of those closest to the killer and his victims whose lives he altered irrevocably.

I did not know about any of this. (How does serial killer marketing work? Why do we know some names/crimes and not others?) “From 1959 to 1963, a mysterious attacker terrorized Perth, Australia, committing random and extraordinarily violent crimes. Determined to find the culprit, the Perth police arrested two different suspects. And in a climate of fear, both men were convicted. But the violence didn’t stop. Even when the actual killer was caught and confessed to all the crimes, the first two men remain behind bars.” Woah. Did you know about all this? New Day, New True Crime. There are four episodes in the docuseries and they’ll drop weekly on Sundance Now.

Wednesday, January 20

Presidential Inauguration (Anytime / All The Channels)
Broadcast networks and cable news outlets will offer live coverage from the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., of the “Presidential Inauguration” of Joe Biden.

Sammy Suggestion: SPYCRAFT: DOCUSERIES (9 p.m. / Netflix)

The spy game is a serious business, and throughout history, the tools and technologies developed for it have mattered as much as the spies themselves.

Q (the good one…the best one) was Desmond Llewelyn and oh how he tolerated James Bond. He worked hard to make Bond look good; and do his duty for Queen and Country. His passing in 1999 was sad; so think of this docuseries Spycraft as a tribute. This eight-episode series gives viewers an unprecedented look at the incredible spy gadgets and the agents that put them to use with accounts from ancient history to modern day intrigue. If you’ve ever visited the Spy Museum in Washington, D.C. one of the startlingly rooms is the bug room: old school bugs were so big (how did that work?) eventually they got smaller and better, even becoming cameras. We tend to think of technology we use: phones getting smaller, better…improving with each iteration. Spy gadgets do as well. So this is your mission if you choose to accept it!

PS: What does it say that the only way to find an official trailer for this series is from Netflix Uzbek. Hmm….

Thursday, January 21

Walker: Season 1 (8 p.m. / The CW)
A reimagining of the long-running series “Walker, Texas Ranger,” WALKER follows the adventures of Cordell Walker, a widower and father of two with his own moral code, as he returns home to Austin after being under cover for two years, only to discover there’s harder work to be done at home.

Sammy Suggestion: Batman Beyond & Batman: The Animated Series (Anytime / HBO Max)

BATMAN BEYOND, BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES, and a number of other popular DC titles are finally heading to HBO Max

True Story: When Batman Beyond debuted on January 10, 1999 I was like: no thanks. I did not enjoy seeing how the Batman story “ends.” The show slowly steadily won me over: I’ve even read some of their DC Comics. Still Batman’s legacy will always include these 2 special shows. Batman: The Animated Series is one of the best representations of Batman: especially stunning episodes such as Almost Got ‘Im. It’s worth a revisit. The 4 seasons of the Animated Series while the 3 seasons of Beyond have been added to HBO Max including a number of associated movies.

Friday, January 22

WandaVision (Anytime / Disney+)

Living idealized suburban lives, super-powered beings Wanda and Vision begin to suspect that everything is not as it seems.


The Sister: Season 1 (Anytime / Hulu)

Almost a decade into his new devoted married life Nathan is rocked to the core when Bob, an unwelcome face from the past, turns up on his doorstep with shocking news, triggering a series of catastrophic decisions.


Fate: The Winx Saga (Anytime / Netflix)

Fairies attend a magical boarding school in the Otherworld, where they must learn to master their magical powers while navigating love, rivalries and the monsters that threaten their very existence.



IN & OF ITSELF chronicles conceptual storyteller Derek DelGaudio’s attempt to answer one deceptively simple question: Who am I?

This is magic! Yes! But it’s also the spark magic ignites…it’s the same spark we’ve seen in Justin Willman’s Magic for Humans. Know that DelGaudio’s remarkable one-man show, which enjoyed a lengthy Off-Broadway run between 2017 and 2018, is brimming with card tricks, optical illusions, and even teleportation. What?! However, echoing Magic for Humans DelGaudio transforms the usual magic hustle into a powerful meditation on existential yearning and his own bumpy quest for meaning in life. I mean what’s more important? The magic or the magician? The story or the writer? Oh this’ll be a solid cup of tea.

Saturday, January 23

Sammy Suggestion: I am Burt Reynolds (ANYTIME / Crave)

Burt Reynolds was the epitome of American macho. Known for his charm, his iconic mustache and penchant for women and cars. His career includes more than 200 films and TV series, a nude photo on a bearskin in Cosmopolitan, but also a fight against drug addiction due to stunt injuries. Through rarely viewed archive material and interviews with his family, friends and colleagues, an intimate portrait of one of America’s most beloved stars is drawn.

Burt Reynolds is cool. I don’t know if it’s the mustache or the swagger but Burt Reynolds is cool. And while I enjoyed him in many movies; I don’t know that much about him. The latest in the Paramount Network’s I Am documentary series is I Am Burt Reynolds. Previous I Am documentaries include MLK, Patrick Swayze, Evel Knievel, Paul Walker, Jackie O and it all began with Richard Pryor in 2019. It’s their version of ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentaries. (The Paramount Network is a cable TV channel with an app so most Americans have access to it. However in Canada we’ve gotten the bulk of their I Am documentaries via Crave.)

Sunday, January 24

Sammy Suggestion: Bridge and Tunnel: Season 1 (ANYTIME / EPIX)

Written, directed and produced by Edward Burns, this dramedy series set in 1980 revolves around a group of college grads setting out to pursue their dreams in Manhattan while still clinging to the familiarity of their working-class Long Island home town.

Bridge and Tunnel is written, directed and produced by Edward Burns…remember him? This dramedy is set in the 1980s and focuses on a group of recent college grads setting out to pursue their dreams in Manhattan. However they are clinging to familiarity of their working-class Long Island hometown so that’s the tension. As I can personally attest growing up in the 80s is not easy.


Sammy Younan is the affable host of My Summer Lair: think NPR’s Fresh Air meets Kevin Smith: interviews & impressions on Pop Culture.

#SetTheVCR: January 10-16, 2021

So I get the focus for this week will be WandaVision however it turns out there are other goodies on TV this week. Huh…who saw that coming?

Sunday, January 10

American Gods: Season 3 (8 p.m. / Starz)
Ex-convict Shadow Moon roams a world he doesn’t understand, left adrift by the recent, tragic death of his wife. Little does he know his life is about to change after he meets a crafty, charismatic con man named Mr. Wednesday, who offers Shadow a job as his bodyguard.

Tiger: Docuseries (9 p.m. / HBOMax & Crave)
TIGER is a two-part documentary offering a revealing look at the rise, fall, and epic comeback of global icon Tiger Woods.

Sammy Suggestion: The Circus: Inside the Wildest Political Show on Earth: Season 6 (8:30 p.m. / Showtime & Crave)

Come one, come all to THE CIRCUS. This documentary series pulls back the curtain on the Trump era of presidential politics, revealing the stories behind the headlines.

Yo…The Circus is back! One of my favourite 2020 TV shows deftly covering the election through smart analysis and minimal commentary. Super helpful…a 30 minute summation is all I want: I’ve no interest in CNN’s 4 hour analysis of a President Trump tweet, zero interest in stiff Twitter snark…just break down the political week for 30 minutes and I’m smart enough to get it.

Monday, January 11

American Experience: The Codebreaker (9 p.m. / PBS)
The work of cryptanalyst Elizebeth Smith Friedman brings down Al Capone, breaks up a Nazi spy ring in South America, and lays the foundation for the National Security Agency (NSA).

Sammy Suggestion: Crack: Cocaine, Corruption & Conspiracy (Anytime / Netflix)

A cheap, powerful drug emerges during a recession, igniting a moral panic fueled by racism. Explore the complex history of crack in the 1980s.

I’m reminded of Tupac’s lines in Changes: “Instead of war on poverty/They got a war on drugs so the police can bother me.” At the time crack deepened racial and economic inequality, toxic policing, widespread incarceration and of course: government corruption. Times have changed huh? I’m surprised considering we’ve yet to have a proper in-depth crack documentary; this is only an hour and a half; it’s not a docuseries. From director Stanley Nelson who gifted us Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool and the 30 for 30: Vick (both highly recommended viewing) this is the story of how a designer drug for the Wall Street jetset deeply impacted many of America’s black communities.

Tuesday, January 12

Two Sentence Horror Stories: Season 2 (8 p.m. / The CW)
Anthology series exploring primal and social fears.

Sammy Suggestion: Empire Records: Remix! Special Fan Edition (Anytime / Prime Video)

Updated take on the cult classic. A comedy about an eventful day in the lives of the young slackers, doers and dreamers who work at a bustling record store.

It’s Rex Manning Day! (Actually everybody knows that’s really April 8th). Still the Remix! Edition has surfaced on Amazon Prime so yeah: today is Rex Manning Day. This unrated version is 107 minutes long and includes four extra scenes with 17 minutes of additional footage. Sometimes as Terminator 2 the extra scenes make a big difference; other times the director made smart choices. Regardless when was the last time you saved the Empire?

Wednesday, January 13

Sammy Suggestion: Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer: Docuseries (Anytime / Netflix)

In the upcoming Netflix four-part documentary series NIGHT STALKER: THE HUNT FOR A SERIEL KILLER premiering January 13, the viewer is taken on a wild ride alongside two brilliant detectives as they meticulously investigate a multitude of crime scenes that at first appear to be unrelated.

True crime continues to heat up: consider this a follow up to HBO’s I’ll Be Gone in the Dark. That docuseries opened with True Crime Diary writer Michelle McNamara’s interest in gruesome crimes committed between the 1970s and 1980s in California by an unknown culprit known as the “Original Night Stalker.” So this 4-part series is the story of “new” Night Stalker aka Richard Ramirez who terrified San Francisco residents from June 1984 until August 1985. (Ramirez is featured in the fifth and ninth seasons of American Horror Story making that show’s title chillingly apt.)

Thursday, January 14

UFO Witness (Anytime / Discovery+)
Ben Hansen is on a mission to uncover the truth behind UFO sightings across America. With unprecedented access to the archives of famed ufologist Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Ben unlocks the secrets of the past to shed light on today’s UFO encounters.

Sammy Suggestion: Hunted (Anytime / Shudder)

A modern and radical take on the Little Red Riding Hood fable, HUNTED is an exhilarating, transcendent, and frequently brutal survival tale that elevates itself with the power of myth and magic, while still holding an exacting mirror to present-day society.

And now for an adult horror fable: if you think your dating life is a disaster check out Hunted. “What started as a flirtatious encounter at a bar turns into a life-or-death struggle as Eve (Lucie Debay) becomes the unknowing target of a misogynistic plot against her.” This is the directorial debut for French filmmaker and comic artist Vincent Paronnaud so it should be visually engaging.

Friday, January 15

One Night In Miami (Anytime / Prime Video)
ONE NIGHT IN MIAMI is a fictional account of one incredible night where icons Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, Sam Cooke, and Jim Brown gathered discussing their roles in the civil rights movement and cultural upheaval of the 60s.

Outside The Wire (Anytime / Netflix)
In the near future, a drone pilot sent into a war zone finds himself paired up with a top-secret android officer on a mission to stop a nuclear attack.

Servant: Season 2 (Anytime / Apple TV+)
A Philadelphia couple is in mourning after an unspeakable tragedy creates a rift in their marriage and opens the door for a mysterious force to enter their home.

Sammy Suggestion: WandaVision (Anytime / Disney+)

Living idealized suburban lives, super-powered beings Wanda and Vision begin to suspect that everything is not as it seems.

Yes: One Night In Miami is on Amazon Prime and yes Outside the Wire is on Netflix. But after the strange MCU-less year we had last year today’s recommendation can only be WandaVision. MCU’s Netflix shows were for the most part well-received so now we turn to the Disney+ era starting with WandaVision. WandaVision will follow the story of Elizabeth Olsen (Scarlet Witch) and Paul Bettany (Vision) living out the ideal suburban life. But ah…what if this Pleasantville isn’t real life? This series takes place after the events of Avengers: Endgame and will lead into Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (which is scheduled for March 25, 2022. It was previously going to be released on May 7, 2021 but was pushed back to November 5, 2021, due to pandemic, before it was further shifted to the March 2022 date after Sony rescheduled the Spider-Man: Far From Home sequel to the November 2021 date. I’m tired too.)

The 9 episode series is directed by Matt Shakman with Jac Schaeffer as head writer. The composer is Christophe Beck, and the theme (for certain episodes) is by Frozen’s Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez. Oh and today you get 2 episodes and then the episodes will be released weekly.

Saturday, January 16

Sammy Suggestion: Deadwater Fell (Anytime / Hoopla)

DEADWATER FELL is a four-part British drama television miniseries written and created by Daisy Coulam. It stars David Tennant as a doctor whose wife and three young children are murdered in a fire.

An Acorn Original comes to Hoopla (you need your library card to sign into this service: otherwise it’s free!). Did you watch Broadchurch (s’on Netflix)? In that Dave Tennant played a passionate yet ornery detective trying to solve the murder a child in a small town brimming with secrets. In Deadwater Fell he’s the suspect and this time there are 3 murdered children…in a small town brimming with secrets. “When a seemingly perfect and happy family is murdered by someone they know and trust, the small Scottish community they call home becomes riven with mistrust and suspicion as those closest to the family begin to question everything they thought they knew about their friends.” Hmm. Is David Tennant guilty? Or did somebody else do it? You’ll hafta watch all 4 episodes to find out.


Sammy Younan is the affable host of My Summer Lair: think NPR’s Fresh Air meets Kevin Smith: interviews & impressions on Pop Culture.

Morning Tea: Highly Questionable 2.0

New Day, New Sports Site.

Considering how Bill Simmons scored a $200 million deal with Spotify this is a solid big bet.

Dan Le Batard’s last day at ESPN was on Monday, January 4. Like a departing President the persistent question is…what’s next? Now we know.

New Day, New Sports Site.

Considering how Bill Simmons scored a $200 million deal with Spotify this is a solid big bet.

New Year:
“Same resolution, get the money
Ain’t where we’ve been, it’s where we gonna be.”

Yo: Read The Rest: Here.


#CouchWorthy: History of Swear Words

History of Swear Words (Anytime / Netflix) – Remember the joy of making bad words on the calculators (8008 is Boob!). For modern kids fun with swears is talking to smart speakers: “Ok Google: Play Lil Wayne – Rich As Fuck.” Because the speaker will repeat what you say. lol!

(In 2021 take find joy in the juvenile moments. If I ever write a self-help book that’d be my theme.)

This all looks a bit on the nose so a hard pass for me: History Of Swear Words with Nicolas Cage!

Each episode examines the cultural impact of specific curse words: fuck, shit, bitch, dick, pussy and damn.

(George Carlin’s listed swears in his classic 1972 Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television monologue vary. The words, in the order Carlin listed them, are shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker and tits. That was 1972. How far have we gone? Or can we chart how bad we’ve gotten using swears as a north star?)

Are we still doing that “think of the children!!” thing in 2021?! lol. So corny.

Netflix | January 5, 2021


Sammy Younan is the affable host of My Summer Lair: think NPR’s Fresh Air meets Kevin Smith: interviews & impressions on Pop Culture.

#SetTheVCR: January 03-09, 2021

New Year: New TV Recommendations. Shall we get all into it?

Sunday, January 3

The Simpsons: Season 32 (8 p.m. / Fox)
The longest running animated TV show in history, Homer and Marge Simpson raise Bart, Lisa and baby Maggie in Springfield, where eccentric residents make everyday life interesting.

Sammy Suggestion: Jimmy Carter: Rock & Roll President (9 p.m. / CNN)

From the gospel sung in local Georgia churches, to the country music he could pick up on his childhood radio, to the Bob Dylan lyrics that set him apart as a politician, “Rock & Roll President” plays like a virtual soundtrack to Carter’s life story.

One of the oddest reasons to elect Barack Obama was because he was “just like us.” He too has Jay-Z on his iPod. Err sure. Obama was the 44th President; however before him and his rap filled iPod there was the 39th President Jimmy Carter and his unique relationship to music. According to the media release: President Carter “formed lifelong bonds with artists Willie Nelson, the Allman Brothers, Rosanne Cash, Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin, Nile Rodgers, and many, many others. Director Mary Wharton’s engaging film explores how President Carter’s deep love of all forms of music has been both a feature and an asset for his storied life and career.” Many of whom you’ll see in this documentary. Music has uplifted dissent voices (anything by Bob Dylan); shared bold often tragic American experiences (Springsteen’s Atlantic City) so it’ll be fascinating to see how music has shaped Carter’s Presidency. After all the primary job of the President is to listen. But listen to who?

Monday, January 4

Welcome Discovery+ to the streaming party! It launches today.

A Woman’s Work: The NFL’s Cheerleader Problem (10 p.m. / PBS)
A Woman’s Work” sheds light on the continued fight to end the gender pay gap prevalent throughout the National Football League, chronicling the journeys of cheerleaders from the Raiders and the Bills, each of whom put their careers on the line to take legal action and fight for fair pay.

Sammy Suggestion: Jeopardy! (7:30 p.m. / CBS)

Welcome to Jeopardy!, home of America’s Favorite Quiz Show®.

The end of an era. Alex Trebek’s final Jeopardy! episodes will begin tonight. The first of the five episodes will start with Trebek’s “powerful message about the season of giving.” The final episode, on Friday, will conclude with a tribute to the longtime and beloved host. He died of pancreatic cancer on November 8, 2020 at age 80. A permanent host has yet to be announced, though I don’t envy that person. I saw the Bulls play after Jordan and Pippen departed and it was awful. It’s a lot to live up to; a burdensome legacy yet I suppose the show must go on.

Tuesday, January 5

History of Swear Words: A Docuseries (Anytime / Netflix)
Nicolas Cage hosts this proudly profane, funny and engagingly educational series about the history and impact of the most notorious English swear words.

Sammy Suggestion: The Proof Is Out There: Season 1 (10 p.m. / History Channel)

Host Tony Harris investigates alleged videos, photos and audio recordings of giant beasts, UFOs, alleged mutants from the deep, and other mysterious phenomenon.

“Featuring clips of found footage, still images and audio recordings sourced from private citizens and government agencies, The Proof Is Out There uses the latest technology, rigorous authentication techniques, and cutting-edge analytic processes to separate the fantastic from the fraudulent.” I mean considering the proliferation of smart phones you’d think we would have seen a clear UFO video by now; maybe the Loch Ness Monster but nooooo: all we get on IG is photos of avocado toast. Thanks for nothing! Make “look up a lot” a 2021 resolution.

Wednesday, January 6

Surviving Death (Anytime / Netflix)
What happens after we die? This docuseries explores personal stories and research on near-death experiences, reincarnation and paranormal phenomena.

Sammy Suggestion: Tony Parker: The Final Shot (Anytime / Netflix)

This film examines the background and career of Tony Parker, whose determination led him to become arguably the greatest French basketball player.

“If I can’t be Tony Parker anymore and I can’t play for a championship, I don’t want to play basketball anymore.” That was how Tony Parker signed off after 18 seasons in the NBA. Parker, who is French, was drafted 28th by the San Antonio Spurs in the 2001 NBA draft. He would form a championship nucleus with Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, and coach Gregg Popovich and win 4 championships. Not bad for an international player huh? This Netflix documentary should neatly cap his career and his contributions; turns out international players can become popular in a playground influenced league. I can’t find an English trailer so I hope the documentary is an English…or at least subtitled? I may be Canadian but my French is not that good.

Thursday, January 7

Pieces of a Woman (Anytime / Netflix)
A heartbreaking home birth leaves a woman grappling with the profound emotional fallout, isolated from her partner and family by a chasm of grief.

Sammy Suggestion: Escape Room (Anytime / Netflix (Canada))

A birthday celebration among friends in an escape room takes a terrifying turn when the clues that lead to the exit door become increasingly deadly.

In 2015 some friends and I were unable to escape an escape room…we failed! However: I did open a combination lock by listening to the tumblers though. Just like the movies. Speaking of the movies plural…the 2019 Escape Room surfaces on Netflix. This is the 2019 movie with Deborah Ann Woll (which was oddly compelling. Escape Room 2 is coming soon. Can’t wait! Originally Escape Room 2 was slated for April 17, 2020 but ah…you know how that turned out. It was later scheduled for December 30 but I doubt it materialized.). PSA: the 2017 movie also called Escape Room is like The Game meets Saw with none of the charm or intelligence of either movie…it’s Nerve for Millennials. It should be avoided at all costs. As for the good Escape Room: it’s 6 rooms with 6 strangers which means 6 secrets. It’s a surprisingly engaging movie for such a disposable concept.

Friday, January 8

Herself (Anytime / Amazon Prime)
Single-mother Sandra (Clare Dunne) escapes her abusive partner with her two young children, only to find herself trapped in temporary accommodation. After months of struggling, she decides to self-build an affordable home, but rebuilding a life from the ground up cannot be done alone.

Marvel Studios: Legends (Anytime / Disney+)
As the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to expand, Marvel Studios: Legends celebrates and codifies what has come before.

Sammy Suggestion: Pretend It’s a City (Anytime / Netflix)

Wander the New York City streets and fascinating mind of wry writer, humorist and raconteur Fran Lebowitz as she sits down with Martin Scorsese.

Oh! Martin Scorsese & Fran Lebowitz: Return…This Time It’s Personal. I hope. We haven’t see this dynamic duo since 2010’s Public Speaking…yeah? Is this a rare documentary sequel? Dope. Fran takes us on tour of the Mean Streets of New York City. Of the many gangsters Scorsese has given us Fran Lebowitz is one of my favs.

Saturday, January 9

Sammy Suggestion: The King of Staten Island (8 p.m. / HBO)

The King of Staten Island is the latest movie from 40 Year-Old Virgin and Trainwreck director Judd Apatow, starring SNL’s Pete Davidson as a man trying to cope with his mom dating a new fireman after his fire-fighter father died.

The return of the slacker! We’ve haven’t gotten a solid slacker movie who is all Dazed and Confused for a while now. These ah…Mallrats are trapped on Staten Island led by SNL’s Pete Davidson. (Kinda echoes SNL’s Mike Myers whose famous film slacker is Wayne Campbell. Though that movie has way more heart than King.) This debuted on Crave in Canada on January 1st.


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