Mexico’s Lucky Man

In Mexico sipping the Sunset with a “Summer breeze” so luscious I could live forever as I coax Lucky Man outta my player when before I could spark my cigar the song proves prophecy as a small girl squeals with mad delight as her strong daddy chases her—his affection as evident as the setting Sun—the only thing to do was send the song out to him: Lucky Man for true as I leaned back & lit the cigar with cool smoke.

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Saturday Kings

One sure sign you’re getting older and leaving childhood behind is when you set the alarm for…a Saturday morning.  What the heck!

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Overheard: Big City Life

Two overheard comments:

Friday night at Green Mangos delicious Thai food joint.  Small kid bucking a super fresh Spider-Man t-shirt leaping out of his seat and making his way to the bathroom passes my table exactly at the same moment he half concludes half announces: “I Love my chicken breath!”

Ok then.

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Oscars Are Not Good Garbage

Sigh: the eroding integrity of the academy is on fine display today: Garbage Dreams was not nominated.

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Fridge Art

In our kitchen it’s like the fridge has a sign that says Post No Bills.

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