Yo Joe! Drinking Game

So it’s almost 3am. For the last week or so…every day I’ve been watching G.I. Joe episodes on Teletoon Retro at 2:30am.

I try to see how many characters I can remember without looking it up online. I’ve been killing it…so sad. So much nonsense in my head.

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Christmas Validation: A Die Hard Life Lesson

Merry Christmas!

I watched Die Hard last night.

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NewMusic Ten: Raising The Village

I’ve been classified as a Game Changer. Which is great, now I know what to write on the Occupation line on those Customs Cards.

And here it be:
This week’s Volunteer Spotlight is on Sammy Younan! At Raising The Village, we believe that knowing our volunteers means knowing our organization. That’s why we want to give you the opportunity to learn a little bit more about all of us! As part of RTV’s board, Sammy gives the organization its creative spark.

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NewMusic Ten/S’up Cuz/The SampleBank Interview

I’ve been blessed with the lovely opportunity to sit down with the charming Ronit Rubinstein from PRODUCT Magazine! The magazine, in their words covers: “Amazing People, Places and Great Things!” And last I checked I am a noun! (I’m feeling tender these days…usually when the self-esteem is higher I feel like a verb, you know how it goes).

Check this out…I am Ronit’s first magazine interview…how cool is that?

We talked about NewMusic Ten, S’up Cuz…creativity and more!

Look for that in January 2013. I know my Mom will be on the lookout.

Oh but in the meantime look for Ronit’s book…she and 2 others edited City Voices: A Book of Monologues by Toronto Artists.

You can visit one of the following: a) the pantsless option: cityvoices.ca or b) the pants option: TheatreBooks, The Glad Day Bookshop, Tarragon Theatre.

Coming Soon…Summer 2013 Movies Status

So for the kids keeping score at home, based on all these recently issued trailers, here’s where I stand:

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The Hope of Magic!

So…magic. I don’t often talk about magic but I’m a huge magic nerd…I watch all kinds of specials on tv, youtube, I go to as many shows as I can…it’s magic! (One of the reasons I adore NYC is they constantly have magic shows on…I don’t have to go to Vegas, you know? We have no magic in Toronto).

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Christmas Spirit vs Heartburn

Christmas tree decorating with 3 small children when suddenly…I felt this strange warm sensation near my heart.

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The Old Supermodel

Today I got to be a model for a photo shoot with Product Magazine. (Turns out they’re interviewing me for NewMusic Ten and my writing…time to dust off the A-Material).

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NewMusic Ten’s Christmas Cheer Celebration!

To quote Marge Simpson it’s time to give back to the community we’ve taken so so much from!

Ladies and gentlemen put your hands together…for NewMusic Ten’s Christmas Cheer Celebration!

Raising The VillageNewMusic Ten has joined forces with Raising The Village who are:
“a non-profit organization that provides critical infrastructure, tools and training to recovering villages in Uganda.”

This is incredible work that impacts children, women and…elephants. Yes elephants. Have you ever heard of a beehive fence? Now you have and you’ll have the most fascinating bit of trivia to share at holiday parties this year. No more suffering through small talk for you.

Each of December’s Artists have or will contribute to Raising The Village. And normally NewMusic Ten earns 30% from every sale but for December all of that money will go Raising The Village. Suddenly we’re all looking better than this year’s sexiest man alive.

And you have an opportunity to participate, to donate:

Buy music and as I said the 30% will go to Raising the Village. Get your single friends to drop by and buy music, hey it’s the holidays…what better gift can you give to people you love than fresh music? 

Donate to Raising The Village directly! We’ve set up a special CanadaHelps giving page for this month only. So raid your couch for coins, skip the Taco Bell and do something extraordinary with your money. This isn’t charity…it’s an investment in yourself and in this world.

Be sexy! Helping others is fun, good for you and makes you attractive to others. Share all this goodness with all the beautiful people you know.

Lastly…you want to help, lemme know how! I’m on the twitter and the facebook.

Thank you for listening to this.


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