Canadian Satan

Friend of mine recently became a Canadian citizen. He had to master that whole thing…learn about the history, how a bill becomes a law, the divinity of maple syrup etc. All useful information required to be an effective Canadian.

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Jukebox Hero

At the radio station bar. I’m putting quarters into the jukebox when this brother comes up to me…dressed like a rap video. I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by the cover but there it is.

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Girth Radio: Host of In Session…

My Thursdays just went oh boy.

I’m now the devastatingly handsome face/host interviewer for Girth’s Thursday night show: In Session.

The radio show is officially called In Session With Girth…(Band Name). As in In Session With Girth…with Arcade Fire. I wish. In Session With Girth…Mini Pop Kids. Hah, that’d be so cool.

Some of the Thursday shows will be just a band interview, other nights bands will play an acoustic session in the booth broadcast into the bar. Fresh! I can’t wait to get this party started.

Because it’s a bar and it’s music and it’s fun join me!

Every Thursday night at 6pm at the Pacific Junction Hotel Bar (234 King Street East).

Host Haiku In Session With…Turbo Street Funk

As inspired by listening to Turbo Street Funk’s To The Street

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I Was Predestined To See Predestination

So last night I saw a super cool MESSED up movie. My friend J Rock and I hashed out the end…we think we understood how it ended…or do we?

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Kobe & I Have Contradictions In Common

This ESPN Kobe Article:

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Racism Feels Like…

You ever been dumped and a friend foolishly tries to convince you that you have worth and you’re utterly special?

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Sonic Highways First Impression

So Sonic Highways…that new Foo show on HBO? Skipped my usual Saturday morning cartoons and fired that up instead.
2 things:

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Happy Turkey Day (In Canada)

Happy Turkey Day: I’m grateful for all the conventional jazz: my health, family, that I don’t live in a refrigerator box etc. Those don’t need a special day, s’kinda like Valentine’s Day nonsense: if you ain’t putting in daily time at the gym you ain’t gonna be healthy.

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