Shape Up

I am bent out of shape.

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Start Fresh

Somebody somewhere is starting fresh, not starting over. And this time it will stick. Not out of sheer will or the stress must brings but because it’s time & it’s right. Those timid first steps will eventually evolve into a run. Go. Go. Go.


The Swan Is So Black: A Movie Review

I finally sat down to watch Black Swan. What a train wreck, that was a horrible movie. I ended up having to fast forward huge chunks just to move what little plot was there and shut it off after an hour and a half.

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On Your Nose PillowTalk Music #3: Home Is A Rock Club!

You know how this all goes by now, yes?

We launched On Your Nose.

The On Your Nose Blog is called PillowTalk!

A regular post-er on PillowTalk is…Stacie.

Still following the plot? This is not a Tom Clancy novel, I’m sure you’re doing just fine.

Stacie takes a break from training her ninja army to write music musings on PillowTalk.

There is a new post up now! Check it.

Oh…as for why…why on a blog devoted to comeuppance and justice we’d invite a music writer?

I say why ask why!

Any questions?

On Your Nose ( is the charismatic celebration of comeuppance in pop culture and life. Come·up·pance noun: A punishment or fate that someone earns. On Your Nose: For when In Your Face just won’t do & Deal With It isn’t enough!

On Your Nose is the ideal expression for this remarkable community seriously seeking satisfaction in successes (“I told you so!”), a bold way to engage pop culture and declare the misfortunes of common cautionary tales. Not quite karma, not quite grace, not quite funk, not quite soul.

On Your Nose is that seriously sassy spot where your nasal bone ends and your cartilage begins. Yes Guy!

The Sanctum Breakup

Memo to James Cameron:

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Heart of Hush On The Subway

Ran into a friend on the subway…well he saw me. I’m usually gone on the subway when I’m reading: I’m in that world not this world. I’ve gotten in trouble from old people and 1 pregnant lady for not giving up my seat but when I read I’m “not here.”

I don’t notice anything.

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