Illuminated Chronicles: The Medicine Hat…Live @The Great Hall

On April 24, 2014 SoundStill presented Live at the Great Hall (an ex-church in Toronto). The dynamic lineup featured Union Duke, Juice, YUKA and The Medicine Hat. One live song from each band was recorded, live.

Here is Statues…live:

Soon as lead singer Nabi Bersche strapped on the accordion…my spider-sense went off, I instantly had the sense we were in for a treat! (Encountering the accordion on an evening of live music is like running into your ex…it gets awkward and you’re wondering why it’s there, an uneasy peace is assumed).

What you get in this sonicly delightful video is 4 minutes and 13 seconds of utter goodness! The Medicine Hat lay a thick and infectious groove under Bersche’s vocal ache and it’s all expertly captured by Tim O’Reilly and his SoundStill team. No jittery iphone video, clear sound, bold visuals and a solid song. It’s all coming up Milhouse!

I had to put on pants to see this show, you do not.

You get to enjoy The Medicine Hat pantsless. Your day just got better!

Turn this up and keep the repeat button nearby.

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One Response to “Illuminated Chronicles: The Medicine Hat…Live @The Great Hall”

  1. Ewen Lewis says:

    Nice review! LOVE The Medicine Hat! Here are some photographs from that night:

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