Overheard at Pride 2012

Just cut through Pride to snag some bbq corn (I am a simple man in complex times). Here’s some of the PG things I overheard:

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Execute vs Execution

The NBA Finals have barely concluded and yet we continue to promote this archaic notion of experience. It’s 2012. Twenty-twelve. Not only have the rules of the game changed but the game itself have changed.

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Ticket Prices Are Final in the NBA

The current NBA Finals are tied at 1. I, of course…are cheering for OKC. However I was curious about NBA Finals ticket prices…I’ve never been to a playoff game let alone a Finals game.

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Overheard at NXNE 2012

Overheard from NXNE Day 1:

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Mom Grows Up

I encouraged my Mom to watch Hereafter the Matt Damon movie. 15 or 20 minutes in she remarked Matt’s “superpowers are kinda like Dead Zone.” Woah, that’s a really astute reference. Brought a tear to me eye you know?

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i miss…deathtraps

i miss…deathtraps:

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