Search Engines From a Rich Person’s POV

The following statement can be attributed to Michael Petricone, senior vice president, government and regulatory affairs, Consumer Electronics Association, regarding a study released by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) purporting search engines aid in consumer infringement of online content:

This is a Hollywood formula as familiar as a rom-com: Blame the technology instead of providing your customers with the experiences and products they want. Yesterday, it was the VCR and the MP3 player. Today, it’s search engines, Aereo and the Dish Hopper.

“Search engines don’t ‘introduce’ consumers to infringing content – most consumers simply want legal, conveniently accessed digital content at a reasonable price. Indeed, studies show that unauthorized downloading decreases as legal alternatives proliferate.

“Commercial piracy is wrong and illegal. Violators should be prosecuted under existing laws. But the answer is not restrictions on search engines or the ability of Internet users to access information.

“The fact is that today, due to the Internet, artists can create, distribute, and monetize more content more easily than ever before. Rather than assailing innovators, we urge the content community to work with the tech industry to provide new, exciting and authorized distribution platforms to consumers.”



Birth Year Readings III

Saturday September 28, 2013 was my birthday.

Since my 2011 birthday I track, each birth year what I’ve been reading. Only comic books, comic book trades and books. If I tossed in blogs, magazines and cereal boxes this would be a horribly long and boring blog post.

So recently I wrapped Season 2 and now, sans drum roll here are the results…

Season 2: September 28, 2012 to September 27, 2013 I read:

466 comics(monthlys, annuals and one shots)

43 books (still mostly non-fiction but I’ve been rediscovering the novel)

100 comic book trades

And for fun…

Season 1: September 28, 2011 to September 27, 2012 I read:
486 comic books (monthlys and one shots)

35 books (non-fiction mostly)

99 comic book trades (dagnabbit, had I known I was so close I’d have pushed for 1 more)

Whew. Sad thing is, though that may seem like a lot of reading I am not even denting all that’s been written and all that’s been published. Combined this reading would barely stock a small book store. Madness.

Still undaunted I read on! Well, at least until Season 3 concludes on Sunday September 28, 2014.

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Pretty Tea

Alright I’ma say it…sexism be damned. There’s comments below if you want to call me a pig. But it’s how I feel and I don’t care.

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Chilly Writing

The copywriter for Body Rock a 1984 Lorenzo Lamas movie about break dancing is outstanding:
“Chilly is just a guy from the streets with a talent for break-dancing. When his wicked moves catch the eye of an industry pro, Chilly finds his dreams of fame and fortune coming true, for better or for worse.”

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W is For Worry…

Angrily started one of the Fall books I’ve been impatiently awaiting. (Lotta issues wrapped up in that short statement!).

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Workplace Nipples

In the workplace one elephant in the room is nipples.

Nothing’s more disruptive to workflow then the sudden appearance of nipples. Dudes get distracted, dames seem embarrassed.

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