Smell Ya Later 2013

So that’s pretty much it for 2013. How was it?

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Tony & Angela

Just watched the Who’s The Boss? episode where Tony “accidentally” sees Angela naked. Still Holds Up. Unlike Growing Pains…


My 3 John Hughes Marathon Observations

Hope Santa was good to all you beautiful people (even though let’s be honest, being on the naughty list is way more fun, better stories! Coal be damned). I’m pantslessly enjoying a John Hughes marathon (not really sure why, just kinda happened).

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Family Grudge Match

Back from Christmas dinner with my family. Good Times, I’m grateful.

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My 2 Types of People

I hang out with 2 types of people: Nerds and Civilians.

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NewMusic Ten Playlist #3

If there is one thing that can improve this world all while helping the tedious work day fly right by…it’s Chair Dancing. If you can’t remember the last time you Chair Danced that’s ok, NOW is your opportunity.

Chair Dance like nobody is watching! Here’s your Chair Dancing soundtrack: NewMusic Ten Playlist #3!

Get Busy! Get Down! Get Going…

NewMusic Ten

Fallback To Normal

You know how right before you drift into dreams this one profound definitive conclusion will suddenly reveal itself, kinda like the Invisible Man who as it turns out was there the whole time? Sometimes it feels like the Wonder Years Narrator only this time, you can hear his insights! (That sure would have saved Kevin and Winnie lots of heartache while also developing any number of fascinating paradoxes in the space–time continuum). That’s…an embarrassing amount of nerd references in just a couple of lines. Right, moving on then…

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From The Mailbox: Q: “What drives you?”

Time to open the mailbox yet again!
Greg from Texas (where I’ve been assured everything is bigger) asked: “What drives you?”

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From The Mailbox: Q: “Have you stopped wearing women’s clothes?”

From The Mailbox…Lori wrote in to ask: “Have you stopped wearing women’s clothes?”

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A Cheater’s Declaration

With alarming frequency I can’t buy anything without being asked about that store’s loyalty program/card thingie or being offered some random way to collect points to redeem for more crap. Look…I’ma say this once to every single store: I cheat on all of you. Regularly and out in the open.

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