NBA Playoffs 2014!

Tonight is my Christmas Eve as I eagerly await the start of the 2014 NBA Playoffs.

It’s time…it’s time to separate the pimps from the playas. It’s time…it’s time to shake off the winter rust and the spring dust.

We don’t need role models, living legends or even trailblazers. We can use reminders.

We forget how great we can be.

You can reach out for greatness as easily as you reach out for your keys.

Your focus is your fate.

Success is a patient mosaic of many tiny unarticulated hopes. It takes courage to believe in today when everybody is trying to sell you on tomorrow.

Define Victory on your own terms, establish uncommon excellence.

It’s time…it’s time to fail smarter, risk creatively. It’s time…it’s time to get the 2014 NBA playoffs started!


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