Illuminated Chronicles: Pusha T Vice Autobiographies

Early indications were 2015 belonged to Big Sean with the noise Dark Sky Paradise was making. That album is fantastic and doesn’t disappoint. This year…2016 Pusha T is putting the free market on notice with King Push – Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude to…King Push. Which should be out sometime this year.

As such you have to let the people who you are before they can give you a thumbs up or thumbs down in the Show Business arena.

Vice launched Autobiographies a new series that wants to know more about the magic trick than the magic.

Upcoming guests include Vince Staples, Cillian Murphy, Empress Of, Jackie Cruz, Ty Dolla $ign, Joshua Oppenheimer, Alex G, A$AP Ferg, Wilson Tang, Bully, Bubba Wallace, D.R.A.M., Venus X

Not a lot there for me; I’m happy Pusha’s episode kicks it off…doubtful I’ll be back.

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Host Haiku In Session With…Laila Biali

As inspired by listening to Laila Biali & The Radiance Project’s House of Many Rooms

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Hidden Gem: Saul Williams “The Noise Came From Here”

2016 starts with an emphatic and fantastic bang with the release of Saul Williams’ MartyrLoserKing on January 29. Here is The Noise Came From Here one of 3 or 4 singles he’s released online to promote the album:

Did you see Saul Williams when he opened for k-os on November 20, 2015?

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Trailer Alert: The X-Files Returns!

Tonight…set your VCR (#SetTheVCR) for 10:00-11:00 PM EST for X-Files returns! Cue the undead hand punching its way out of the grave: may God have mercy on our souls. Like using Tinder as a dating app…oh how I want to believe this will be good.

I fear revivals like a monster of the week and yet like a Lone Gunman I’m compelled to check it out and get to the truth. Problem is I trust no one. Hopefully it’s not a Fluke…man. (That was the last one, I’m done now).

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Netflix’s Comic Book Guy

Like the way you increase/decrease your security settings with a pop up blocker Netflix should allow viewers to increase their movie recommending algorithm up to video store clerk snobbery status…just like having The Simpson’s Comic Book Guy in your ipad:


Mild Disgust Setting: “Really?” when you select a “guilty pleasure”


Belligerent Contempt Setting: “Did your mother drop you a lot as a small child? You idiot: if you watch this they’ll think it’s popular and make a sequel. Is that what you want? You want to ruin society because you have lousy taste?”

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Affiliations: 80s Synth

New Pet Shop Boys today…Inner Sanctum.

Bit meh, we’ll see how the rest of the album is; hope they tour too…they put on a freshtastic live show. Course as an 80s child it’s expected I get amped when I hear synth beats.

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Snoop Dogg’s adidas Talk Show: Turf’d Up

We’ve lived through the East Coast-West Coast rivalry, the Cola Wars, a couple of battles for Late Night and now it appears in 2016 we’re in the early stages of The Sneaker Wars: adidas vs Nike. Which for the most part has been a cold war:

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You Win This Round…

Last night at the Raptors game…in the line up for the post-game pee a dude covered head to toe in Celtics gear (hat, jacket, t-shirt etc.) is exiting the bathroom when a Raptors fan gloats: “Sorry about your loss tonight!”

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Trailer Alert: Legends of Tomorrow – Tonight!

Alright let’s get into it:

1) My Philosophy: I don’t drink the kool-aid this is the golden era of television…there’s a lot more tv options for true but most of it is not golden.

2) My Legacy: I dropped Smallville around the second or third episode, same with Arrow. Shield…barely lasted the first episode. Jessica Jones got stuck at episode 5, probably won’t go back. Haven’t checked out Flash (though the bits I’ve seen already put it ahead of Arrow).

All this to say Legends of Tomorrow has an uphill climb. It premieres tonight at 8:00pm on CW.

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Host Haiku In Session With…For Esmé

As inspired by listening to Esmé’s Sugar

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