Hidden Gem: More or Les feat Wordburglar “Hate Rap”

Recently featured More or Les as an In Session With Girth… guest; super stoked to get into his fantastic album Blow the Fuck Up But Stay Humble. And we do…eventually; after hobo ramblings about comics and the Doctor. I ah, sorta got all sidetracked; I got distracted by a bright blue police box. My bad.

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Host Haiku In Session With…Kid Koala


As inspired by listening to Kid Koala’s Music To Draw To: Satellite

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Trailer Alert: Becoming Warren Buffett

This is weird but not really. Big Sean’s well penned verse in Detroit Vs. Everybody reminds me of Warren Buffett. Oh you know saying that out…I guess that is weird. So Be It.

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My New Mr. Miyagi

Walking through College Park food court when I happily witness a senior citizen walk out of the grocery store with a full bbq chicken…you know those hot ones you bring home for dinner to feed your family?

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Writing: My Geek Hard Review of The Princess Diarist

So my Back Issue Bloodbath co-host Andrew and I were sitting in the Pacific Junction Hotel bar following a podcast recording when Carrie Fisher’s last book came up: The Princess Diarist.

I get the standard celebrity reduction means her death will be strictly Princess Leia; still Carrie Fisher was a fantastic writer. I mentioned so in my post Goodbye Carrie Fisher on her passing.

Thanks Andrew for the opportunity. Be fun to write more nerdness for Geek Hard.

To read my review of The Princess Diarist visit Geek Hard.

Hidden Gem: Tom Chaplin “Hardened Heart”

Damn…the honesty of a junkie!

Tom Chaplin (Keane’s frontman) has returned (in more ways than one) with a solo album The Wave.

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Racism LOL

It’s hard to convey but the racism the media typically reports on isn’t the universal racism visual minorities experience.

A number of my visual minority friends have experienced funny racist encounters. I have a couple. It’s typically somebody so determined to be racist but doesn’t have enough “knowledge” to be properly racist. Talk about ignorance. I understand racism is rooted in ignorance but man be racist properly.

Like put some time and effort into your hate! Have some pride…watch a doc, read a book, brush up on your stereotypes…just don’t go through the motions.

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Trailer Alert: Beware the Slenderman

Fake news is not an issue.

National Enquirer has been around since 1926 serving its loyal readership stories on Elvis sightings, earth’s women serving as Eves by having alien babies, dating impending apocalypses and as times and tastes evolved standard celebrity scandals. All useful for prompting X-Files plot points; not overly impactful in real life.

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Hidden Gem: Kid Koala (featuring Emili?ana Torrini) “Collapser”

Kid Koala (aka Eric San) has generously shared a sublimely ambient track from his fifth studio album Music To Draw To: Satellite, to be released via Arts & Crafts on January 20, 2017. Based on this track alone I cannot wait for this album to drop:

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Illuminated Chronicles: Stop Asking For Easy

In the oval office Obama has a plaque thing that says: “Hard Things Are Hard.” Hashtag No Guff.

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