i spy with my little eye…racism

A sad commentary on our times…I shared the following moment on Facebook:

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Why We Share

Some science on why and what we share online…gotta tweet something:

“People’s brains appeared to be gauging the headlines and abstracts of each article to determine how sharing them might create positive personal and social outcomes for them. In other words, when a story more effectively tapped into people’s desire for others to see them favorably, and presented an opportunity to relate to others positively, they were more likely to share it — and possibly make it go viral.”

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Get Your Foot In The Door

Front Door or Back Door…there are 2 ways in:

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White Playhouse Mystery Science

Obscure Reference Time! One of the set designers for Netflix’s Mystery Science Theater 3000 revival is Wayne White.

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Trailer Alert: I Am Not Your Negro

It is difficult to convey the profound impact James Baldwin has on other writers…and on the discussions and debates we continue to have about race and racism. He died in 1987; yet we’re still grappling with the complex issues he so eloquently expressed in writing and speaking.

I come from comic books; from sci-fi and all too often encounter nerd-centric click-bait posts on diversity. Not only have we grown comfortable championing facile notions of diversity often to the cheers/likes/retweets of our passionate echo chamber (Yes Men for true) we lazily challenge the numbers not the issues.

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Hidden Gem: Karen O “I Shall Rise”

O Yeah!!!

“They’ll know my name
After the storms are passing through
They’ll know my name
When they’ve forgotten all about you
They’ll know my name
After the storms are passing through
They’ll know my name
When they’ve forgotten all about you”

They’ll know my name can only come from wait, they don’t love you like I love you…the lovely Karen O. (And it’s origin is as strange as Karen…Microsoft approached her to write the theme song for Square Enix’s Rise of the Tomb Raider which resulted in this track. Bizarre but it works!)

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AKA National Nut Up Day

Laziest All-Star Game ever…symbolic of NBA’s weak Get Along Gang mentality: it’s Show Business not show friends.

Break is over…put away your Kit Kat; it’s Crunch time!

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Garbage Time: 2015–2016 NBA Season Report Card

All-Star Weekend has come and gone. It was freezing and for reasons nobody can properly articulate Sting performed. The coolest aspect of All-Star Weekend was the Jordan store at Yonge-Dundas. S’gone now without a note on the dresser. Damn.

Last half of the 70th NBA season…let’s get down to business. Some of the storylines I was following when the season started are unfolding…
 April 13 the NBA Season concludes.
 April 16 the NBA Playoffs begin!

Hopefully myself and Garbage Time co-host Craig White will return to document with fun flair and serious sass the 2016 NBA Playoffs. For let’s keep our eyes on the prize…

NBA Trade Deadline: February 18 at 3pm.
 You can pick a player, a rumour, online buzz there’s lots of hype floating in the air. Until the trigger is pulled it’s all white noise. This could impact standings, playoffs etc. It is what it is.

West Is The Best?
 Warriors are 48–4, to break the Bulls’ 72–10 record they’ll have to go 25–5. Surreal. It’d break my heart to see Bulls’ record fall and yet…the Warriors have been dominate all year. It’s doable. Also surreal: as it stands the Spurs are only 3.5 games back of the Warriors.

Is this the end of OKC as we know it? I contend the window to blow the team up has passed. They’re clearly not going to win a championship this year so what are they playing for? Same issue with Grizzles. Blow it up! Spread the talent around…

Westbrook and Luke Walton go to the Lakers at the end of the year…and sign DeMar DeRozan. That rebuilds the Lakers following Kobe’s departure. For Adam Silver a priority is getting the Lakers and Knicks back in contention; it makes for a healthier league.

Kobe’s gone…that’s official. It doesn’t matter how he finishes out. It’s what he is gonna do after the NBA that matters. That I can’t wait. We’ve never had a retired player in any sport this well known, this internationally loved, this rich with this amount of access to technology based in California home of Silicon Valley ever before; this is a fascinating precedent. (Jordan doesn’t have the interest or the technology interests; Kobe does). Hopefully this means another Kobe doc: Kobe Doin’ Work 2.

Only other team capturing my attention is the Spurs. Like Pop I’ll wait to see what they do in the playoffs. Right now they are scary good and 28–0 at home. Be a huge blow to lose Kobe and some Spurs all in the same year. Could happen…

Over to the East…
 The Raptors Voodoo doll of Chris Bosh is still active…he’s done for the season with a blood clot. That makes Miami beatable. That’s about the only comforting thought.

Like Christmas lights The East is a mad jumble: Celts, Hawks, Pacers and Bulls are all dangerous come Playoffs. Trades could totally help/hinder East teams. What are the Knicks up to?

I don’t see Raptors coming out of the East. Clearly DeMarre Carroll has to come back for the Raps to rumble. Let’s get into the second round before champagne gets popped.

Cavs? Looks like it. Again that Christmas jumble; an upset is possible. The East is Cleveland’s to lose. They’re still adjusting under new coach, might make some trades. I think Kevin Love is injured…same old Cavs basically.

Bill Simmons update: Grantland 2 will be called The Ringer (how was he able to get the URL and twitter handle for that?!). He’s rehired many Grantland staff and it’ll cover sports and pop culture. Basically it’s all back to normal like after a horror movie.

Oh and how great was it to see Craig Sager at the All-Star game. Woot. Hope that dude is 100%.

Ok let’s do this: NBA schedule resume on Thursday February 18 at 7pm EST.


Sammy Younan Is The Brown Mamba: W T F


Host Haiku In Session With…The Kents

As inspired by listening to The Kents’ Waking EP

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What The Ross…

Terrence Ross is GONE!! I repeat and celebrate…Terrence Ross is dealt.

I don’t care about scoring, rebounds, assists…if you’re an NBA playa without the Will To Kill you’re useless: Jordan has 6 Rings; Kobe has 5 they’re excellent murderers.

Talk about no love lost…

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