Hip Hop Proverbs #12

In business, as in life, it’s better to be pessimistic when planning and optimistic when working. No matter how intimidating the odds are, Ice Cube’s Hip Hop Proverb reminds us that gumption and elbow grease are always free:

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Someone Not There: LA WebFest Winner!

Winner, winner chicken dinner! That’s what happened with Someone Not There at LA WebFest. I feel like a proud mom watching her child do alright in the school play.

We won 9 awards:
Lead Actress
Supporting Actress
Sound Design

This is so much better than the crappy “it’s an honour to be nominated” false humble deflection. Congratulations to the entire cast and crew, high fives and fist bumps to the all the winners.

For more on the awards and other winners they have this entire website set up.

The Great Lava Debate

Talking to a 4 year old…

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Hip Hop Proverbs #11

Challenges can be intimidating but it’s only because we don’t have perspective. Climbing a hill isn’t a big deal when it’s next to a mountain, right? Next time you’re faced with a challenge, never no worries, today’s Hip Hop Proverb offers you the inspiring perspective to get’er done.

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Hip Hop Proverbs #10

Great advice is timeless. Carpe Diem for the Urban Jet Set via this timeless Hip Hop Proverb:

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Someone Not There Episode #4: Video

Confession: I’ve never understood binge watching.

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Hip Hop Proverbs #9

Abracadabra: just let this Hip Hop Proverb work its Magic…

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Salty Friends

Eating with a friend who remarked: “This is the first time I’ve made this. So I only used a bit of salt. If you need some” pointing “salt and pepper are here.”

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Someone Not There: LA WebFest 2014

This is cooler than Fonzie…Someone Not There is heading to LA! Sunglasses and TMZ here we come!

To quote writer and director Sherren Lee:
“SUPER EXCITING NEWS!! We have been officially selected as part of the LA Web Fest 2014!!! Big congratulations to the entire cast and crew, and to everyone who has offered us your endless love and support. We’re super excited to hit the west coast in March!!!”

If you’re in the City of Angels go and check out all the web series goodness, the medium continues to grow. Netflix isn’t the only game in town. For more info on screenings, tickets and other web series in the festival, it’s website visiting time!

Someone Not There LAWEBFEST 2014 Screenings:
8PM – LAJOLLA ROOM (66:00)
“The Therapist” (DRAMA/Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA)
“Someone Not There” (DRAMA/Toronto, CANADA)
“Devil’s Circus” (DRAMA/Springfield, MISSOURI)

9PM – LAJOLLA ROOM (53:00)
“Your Server is Not Out To Get You” (COMEDY/Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA)
“Esther’s Style” (COMEDY/Buenes Aires, ARGENTINA)
“Cuckoo” (DRAMA/Dublin, IRELAND)
“Someone Not There” (DRAMA/Toronto, CANADA)
“The Louise Log” (COMEDY/New York, NEW YORK)

4PM – LAJOLLA ROOM: (63:00)
“Cuckoo” (DRAMA/Dublin, IRELAND)
“Someone Not There” (DRAMA/Toronto, CANADA)
“Teenagers” (DRAMA/ Toronto, CANADA)

Speaking: ACS Mix&Mingle 2

I’m back…I did this speaking gig last year. And like last year the food is still excellent food.

Ryerson’s ACS department hosted an event last night: The ACS Mix&Mingle.

Young professionals (professional…hah! I’m wearing a Spider-Man seatbelt belt) mixed and mingled with ACS students to discuss one on one how they got to where they did in their career.

It’s fascinating hearing the kids…they have twitter and LinkedIn all this access I did not…I barely had an email address by the time I graduated.

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