The LIE in Believing

Old School thinking hasn’t changed in 2011 because that’s what we grew up believing:

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That Guy…Spielberg…

So I’ve decided to “understand” Spielberg. Checked out a bunch of books from the library: interviews, quotes, methods, whole deal.

And now? I sort of have a better handle on him; I kinda get it. I didn’t before, just didn’t make sense. I couldn’t comprehend why his movies are successful: what was the appeal? What was I missing?

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West Goes South

Last night Kanye West went OFF on twitter…for 3 hours. I was online when it started…kept up with him for the first hour then I had to stop and go back to my work. (You could tell something special was about to go down–I instantly scrambled my brown butt upstairs to hastily make some tea, I didn’t even let it brew properly I wanted to get back to the scene. It’s like being a Gotham citizen and looking up one dark night…cloudy sky…and seeing the Bat Signal blazing the darkness: awww yeah! you just want to fist pump).

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The Weight Of Influence

It’s a maze this digital world we currently inhabit. I didn’t get my first email address until I hit University. And even then most of my friends didn’t have one either. I had to…like call them, all the while hoping they were home. So I know I’m too old for these kid games. Tonight I brewed a pot of Red Rocket Tea and am attempting to finalize/understand The SampleBank’s Social Media Strategy. Less than 30 minutes in I already have a headache and it’s debatable how much more smarter on the topic I am. I do have a question however:

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Brian Eno Says…

“And then another crop of questions:

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Alfonzo The Wonder Ninja: Origin!

While I’m open to any edge I can get with the ladies…I never set out to create a comic strip.

Especially one about a ninja. It just sort of happened.

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Flirting With Failure

It’s not like I enjoy failing. But it’s a part of the game.

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