A Boy, His Cars and His Dreams

A recently purchased lottery ticket prompted the discussion which tv or movie car from childhood I’d purchase. After some tea and no pants time here’s my list:

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During The Nooner

Originally published on 4/28/2006 11:01 AM:
Josie Dye asked I write some words to describe the 228 Yonge Street shenanigans. Which makes sense since this isn’t my day job, always a bridesmaid never…yeah I’ll stop there. I’m Lunch Boy—obviously not the name my parents selected but rather the moniker I received simply by showing up and having…lunch. And being a boy.

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It’s a strange comfort to think of someone else other than yourself all the time.  People in Love do it all the time, people who aren’t probably should do it more often.

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Moms are the best superheroes.

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8 Fun Activities To Celebrate National No Pants Day!

The first Friday in May is officially No Pants Day. Yes! This is better than Christmas and my birthday combined.

To celebrate No Pants Day here is a list of 8 fun activities that don’t require pants:

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My May 2010 Movies

Iron Man kicks off an odd Summer mix. Superheros, an SNL movie and documentaries. Utterly Delicious.  However only one movie is MUST SEE this month.

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A Bieber Heritage Moment

Bieber answered Kardashian’s tweet by calling her his “girlfriend,” which was enough to ignite the ire of his most ardent fans.

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NBA Playoffs 2010 Predictions: Round 2

Yes! Things are heating up! He’s on fire! This really is the most magical time of year. Here’s what I see going on for Round 2.

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Adidas Celebration

Today’s Sunshine made me long to live in those recent Awesome Adidas ads Celebrating The Street.

Beautiful People Having A Beautiful Time.

Think tonight we’ll all have to go out dancin.

Gentlemen gather your cigars & Lovers.

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