A Timely Photograph

In 1939 on August 31st the first issue of Marvel Comics (cover date October) was published by Timely Comics (which would eventually become Marvel).

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#CouchWorthy: The Shop

Only a guy who self-appointed himself as the king before he wins a championship could produce a show where he sits on a throne presiding over a heavily edited ceremony. LeBron James’ latest tv effort The Shop aired on HBO on Thursday August 28 at 11pm.

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RIP: John McCain

So…John McCain. His generic political “maverick” narrative overlooks a fascinating contribution to our pop culture.

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Trailer Alert: The Man in the High Castle Season 3

The One I’ve been waiting for!! The Man in the High Castle Season 3!

The other sci-fi alternative universe show I watch Counterpart (oddly also set in Berlin…) also pulls in no viewers…less than 1 million. We could literally all gather at a con to discuss the episodes.

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Lazy Sunday

There’s some Thing special about lazy Sundays: a comfy couch, a fantastic book…not wearing pants and a rock solid friend.

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Nick Cannon’s Turban Game Show


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Behold The Cosmic Cube

So…Cosmic Cubes: where exactly is the on switch?

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086 | Nick Cannon (Wild ‘n Out)

My Summer Lair Chapter #86: When I Say Nick Cannon What’s The First Thing That Pops Into Your Head?

As I explain at the start of this My Summer Lair episode: I’m on hold waiting for Nick Cannon. We don’t have long to talk…he’s gotta catch a flight but thankfully he’s agreed to to spend a few minutes with me talking about the current Wild ‘n Out tour which’ll be coming to Toronto on August 19 at Scotiabank Arena (what we still call the ACC).

When I say Nick Cannon what’s the first thing that pops into your head? I find because he does so many projects the Nick Cannon you meet first is the Nick Cannon you know. If you see him in movies he is an actor to you…performing standup he’s a comedian.

To me the first Nick Cannon encounter I had was poetry…his spoken word videos. And that’s what I find fascinating about Nick Cannon: there’s a clear thread that runs through all of his work and performances and it’s words. This guy makes a living slinging words…poet, stand up comic, actor, improv-er, rapper…writer.

Nick Cannon sells words for a living.

And you…we have an opportunity to buy some of those words as the Wild ‘n Out tour marches across the US and Toronto. Wild ‘n Out debuted on July 28, 2005 on MTV and it is now the longest running hip hop show in tv history! Crazy.

My favourite game is Flow Job.

The longevity of this tv job fits neatly into Nick’s ambitious Wild ‘n Out plans…opening sports bars and hopefully even a comedy school. Clearly…go if you can this Sunday as Drake sang-talked on Forever:

“Everyone who doubted me is askin’ for forgiveness
If you ain’t been a part of it, at least you got to witness…”

Nick Cannon @ W • T • F

Recorded: August 15, 2018 2:00pm (EST) on the phone

Swears Do Compute

So remember the calculator classic 5318008?

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Host Haiku In Session With…Bend Sinister


As inspired by listening to Bend Sinister’s Foolish Games

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