The Raptors Face Extinction…Again


In the 90s the New York Knicks were a good team…not a great team but a good team.

However standing in their way was Michael Jordan and the Bulls.

In 1991 they got swept, 1992 lost to the Bulls in 7, 6 games in 1993.

Then in 1994 MJ retired; finally outta the way and they made it all the way to the Finals…only to lose in 7 to the Rockets.

In 1995 the Rockets not only returned to the Finals but repeated as champs. The Knicks never got back to the Finals: they were a good team not a great team.

By the 2000s the Knicks continued to decline: posting several consecutive losing seasons and barely making the playoffs here and there. (Today the Knicks hired their 11th coach since 2001! David Fizdale…he’s got potential. Not sure about the Knicks though…)

This…the 90s Knicks are the fate of the Toronto Raptors. The Raptors suck: the only way they can get past LeBron James is the same way the Knicks got past Jordan: wait until he retires. That’s not success!

Jordan and the Bulls had to learn how to overcome the Celtics and especially the Pistons. That adversity made them stronger…better players, they constantly retooled their teams. They upgraded their skills; got mentally tougher and built an organization that could sustain setbacks.

Raptors are done. The playoffs…they hafta beat the Cavs 4 times and they couldn’t do that at home…twice!

Raptors are done. As an organization and as a culture. Cover the ACC and their head offices in gasoline and drop the Zippo lighter. Walk away none of it can be salvaged; none of it should be salvaged.

On July 11, 2012 Lowry was traded to the Raptors and on May 31, 2013 Masai Ujiri was hired as the Raptors’ GM and none of that has worked.

Failure is fine; setbacks are inevitable…in any significant endevour those are expected…nobody is surprised when they go driving to get a red light.

But losing? Losing often and consistently? That…that makes you a loser. That makes you the New York Knicks. The Raptors are done.


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