Pantsworthy: Here and Now: The Art of Gary Taxali

(Note: This was written before Gary Taxali visited My Summer Lair)

Two of the best words in the English language: Road Trip!

My friend and I hoped into my laser blue Dart and road tripped to…Cambridge, Ontario. Ours was a cultural mission, our prime directive to enjoy a day trip into the fabulous world of Gary Taxali and later in Stratford a play.

I know…a gallery exhibition and a Stratford play all in one arty day…classy! (Not to worry I kept the class at bay with my Spider-Man seatbelt belt).

Stepping into the Idea Exchange | Design at Riverside gallery is like a fantastical Disney meets Warhol trip into Gary Taxali’s head. Wow. So cool.

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Smell Ya Later!

This tale occurred in June 2006 while I was working at a University. You see every graduation, would be held on immaculate grass, with ice cream sandwiches for the happy educated families following the diploma ceremony. Not one to let a sweet Summer day pass–especially with free ice cream, yo–I’d leave my desk to join the festivities. Hey your company has perks these were my perks.

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Lou Reed: The Last of the Factory People

Today: Lou Reed, 71, passed away in Long Island, NY.

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