Lou Reed: The Last of the Factory People

Today: Lou Reed, 71, passed away in Long Island, NY.

Sad news, sad to lose another of Warhol’s Factory People. What’s bizarre is I’m reading a Bowie biography (David Bowie: Starman by Paul Trynka) and of course before I heard this news I was reading the early 70s section…with Lou Reed. Iggy’s coming up soon. Crazy synchronicity.

Think it was Lou Reed on Inside The Actors Studio, I can’t find the clip online and the memory gets hazy with age.

Lou’s good friend Julian Schnabel tossing back a drink from a tumbler, sat beside him, both across from beardy James Lipton and they proceeded to share this strange story like an old married couple.

Think it was Schnabel’s dad who passed away, right there in the living room on an easy chair, an old man, natural causes. Schnabel called up Lou Reed who didn’t live far away, this is New York City, the term is relative and the rocker came over. And they both held the hands of Schnabel’s dad, the warmth fading rapidly. Quietly observing death, the moment…this man, a father. Shortly after that Schnabel broke the silence, saying he has to call an ambulance, Lou Reed sat on the couch to wait with his friend.

The story is so strange is stuck with me. Wish I could find the clip online. Anyways this is my favourite Lou Reed song, Perfect Day, great performance on Elvis Costello’s sublime tv show Spectacle:



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