Writing: My Sole Shift Review of Shoe Dog

My arty pal and cool sneakerhead Craig White e-introduced me to the nice people at Sole Shift Magazine.

Happily I was invited to write about Phil Knight’s memoir Shoe Dog. Sweet.

This is how I closed the review:
The great irony of Nike advertising is the singular focus and celebration of the individual player often in a team sport like basketball or soccer. Yes: Michael Jordan is one of the greatest NBA players (and all his Nike marketing effectively branded his status) yet Jordan still needed Rodman to rebound, Paxon or Kerr to hit those threes and Pippen to draw the D. Jordan truly became successful when he had a legitimate and capable team. Knight’s Nike story is no different than building an NBA contender. He succeeded in business because he surrounded himself with the right team. He invested in the people who believed in his vision and did not waste time trying to convince those who did not.

If you want to succeed in business, if you want to make your 5-9 your 9-5, if you need some encouragement as if Just Do It is not enough, then read Shoe Dog.

To read more visit Sole Shift.

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