Trailer Alert: I Am What I Play

Today is the Canadian Premiere of I Am What I Play at the Royal Cinema as part of CMW. Having recently launched Girth Radio I’m keen to check this doc out: often when you mine the past you uncover the future.

From the media release:
I Am What I Play focuses on four well-known North American radio disc jockeys during the heyday of rock radio, when many disc jockeys were given great freedom on the air, had celebrity status, and had a direct connection to the biggest names in rock and roll.

As radio became more commercially-controlled and new media has taken hold, these DJ’s have had to carve out a new career space for themselves. Has free-form radio died, or has it reinvented itself in unexpected spaces?

From the internet:

Sammy’s Status: I’m in! I wanna learn where radio lost its soul…when it lost its way and see how I can (hopefully) avoid that for Girth.

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