Moms, Mothers

It’s utterly fantastic that we have a day to pause and reflect on the extraordinary strong and beautiful women in our lives.

The first person we ever meet and the only person in our lives who ends conversations with “because I said so.”

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Family Grudge Match

Back from Christmas dinner with my family. Good Times, I’m grateful.

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Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving 2013:

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Mom Grows Up

I encouraged my Mom to watch Hereafter the Matt Damon movie. 15 or 20 minutes in she remarked Matt’s “superpowers are kinda like Dead Zone.” Woah, that’s a really astute reference. Brought a tear to me eye you know?

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Mother’s Day Gift: A Beautiful Day

This is my Mother’s Day gift.

Since my Mom’s a U2 fan I conspired with these lovely ladies, The Lovelocks to record Beautiful Day:

Turned out great! My Mom is so proud “people in show business” know who she is. She feels famous, she’s totally thrilled with this gift.

To all the Mom’s out there, cheers, you deserve more than 1 day. Thank you for all you do.

We Lost Ida

Normally I’m not comfortable expressing vulnerability. Which admittedly is odd for a writer who makes a living slinging emotions.

Still…here goes:

My Dad’s in Egypt caring for his ill sister; my aunt. Sadly she passed away. Which in a way is a blessing, as she’s no longer suffering. On the phone she didn’t sound good at all. Still sad: she was a cool and classy lady.

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My Turkeys My Gang

Sitting down to Christmas dinner you can’t help but observe just how strange these people you call family are.

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Moms are the best superheroes.

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