Red Letter Nights by Sammy Younan

Red Letter Nights
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As heard on CBC3 (Lanarama!!), Howl (poetry radio program by Nik Beat), Nerdgasm (a weekly radio show on geek/nerd culture) & seen on TGT!

“Younan’s refined perception leads him to find inspiration in any manner of experience, constantly evaluating the poetic possibility of even the most mundane occurrences.” Paul Breschuk, Lance Features Editor


It’s a sound I’ve never heard
yet instantly it floods me with comfort
the deep warmth of home like when dad leaves the porch light on.
Twip is the sound Spider-Man makes
when spinning a web—in other words
when he’s being Spider-Man
and not being Peter Parker.

I am a Peter Parker.

I am surrounded with Peter Parkers.
timid, fearful and afraid
awash in their own loneliness.
Fear rules us more harshly than any evil dictator.
It’s become paramount
to build niches—in this world you must find your place not yourself.
But it’s become almost impossible
to build a niche.
Can any of us really claim surprise when rejection comes?
Like Sunrises, like death, like rain
for every child born only rejection is promised.
The world may not know what it wants
but it doesn’t want what you offer.

Can’t live in our society for a couple of decades without
figuring out the absolutes—
With women: “take it on the chin.”
At work: “roll with the punches.”
In church: “go on a wing and a prayer.”
Pain is another absolute.
I can’t find the words
or draw the images to share
the depth of my suffering.
The consistent sharp sting of an ache
producing character but often not hope.
certainly not love.

My pain is personal; my plight is universal.
Peter Parker is never accepted.
Though gifted his voice was marginalized.
Undaunted, sidestepping the quicksand of despair
he pressed on; he became somebody; he is somebody.
Perhaps the message’s medium should be altered.

Power lies in discerning the right mask:
“Man is least himself when he talks in his own person.
Give him a mask and he will tell you the truth.”

Peter Parker didn’t become great;
he became Spider-Man.
If that’s possible
then all of us Peter Parkers
can become Spider-Men.

Twip is hope.

… .–. .. -.. . .-. -….- — .- -.

“Man…truth,” quote by Oscar Wilde from Intentions (1891)

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