Racism Feels Like…

You ever been dumped and a friend foolishly tries to convince you that you have worth and you’re utterly special?

Still raw from this latest rejection all you can feel is constant heartbreak: you are a loser because your history says so…the obvious evidence is far more compelling than your friend’s flimsy house of card hope.

That’s kinda what racism feels like: it’s easy to accept the story you suck because the evidence is overwhelming. Gravity is inevitable so why build wings?

Racism erodes hope.
Racism stains the soul like nicotine on a smoker’s fingers.
Racism demands justice but we clearly have no clue what that is: our unending ignorance is only matched by our juvenile proclivity to convict the “guilty” on social media.
Genuine justice involves restoration. And justice without restoration is weak: it cannot combat the overwhelming evidence of history that will continue to doom generations.


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