Tee Gazette Reviews:
TTG Brand Spotlight: Karma Cartel
TTG Brand Spotlight: Billionaires Apparel
TTG Brand Spotlight: Heated Apparel
TTG Brand Spotlight: Meant4More Apparel
XCVB Release New Collection: Autumn/Winter 2011, Part 2
TTG New Tee Alert: The Groundhog’s Shadow Knows T-Shirts
TTG Brand Spotlight: So Lucky To B Me
TTG Brand Spotlight: Mad Cow


Tee Gazette Reviews:
TTG New Tee Alert: Lil’ LoveDriven Releases New Sweatshirts!
TTG Brand Spotlight: MatrimonEy Clothing
TTG New Tee Alert: Novembeard by Fibers
TTG Brand Spotlight: Be Your Tee
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The Innovation Seduction
Anokhi Magazine {Volume 10, Issue 4}
July 2011

Putting some of the concepts that inspired The SampleBank down on paper. Doesn’t seem to be online…yet?

Movie Review: The Adjustment Bureau
Zoomer Magazine
March 4 2011

Less Inception and more romance, still the hats are cool.

Poetry Box Book (Published my poem On Stars)
Poems inspired by, in and around Bixby Knolls (with the less common spelling of my last name as: Yuan)
January 18 2011

I had to submit when I saw this. Such a cool idea!

Today’s Pop Five: Sammy’s top movie foods
Pop Candy: USA Today Blog
January 14 2011

I wrote this during lunch, can you tell?


Today’s Pop Five: Sammy’s top Christmas movie turkeys
Pop Candy: USA Today Blog
December 17 2010

I dig turkey! Mmmmm.

Q&A: Anna Silk
National Post
September 10, 2010

Never published but here it be.

Q&A: Ksenia Solo
National Post
September 10, 2010

Never published but here it be.

FanExpo in three interviews: Evan Munday, Fred Kennedy and Marvel’s C.B. Cebulski
National Post
August 30 2010

Click here to check out Evan’s comics and click here to check out Fred’s comics. Do I really have to put the URL for Marvel? Don’t be one of those people who googles facebook!

What I learned as a judge on Wipeout Canada
National Post
July 20 2010

“People are strange when you’re a stranger.”

Q&A: Gregory Smith
National Post
June 24 2010

Never published but here it be.

Q&A: Missy Peregrym
National Post
June 24 2010

Never published but here it be.

patti smith
in tenor & vogue blog
June 11 2010

My pal Paul Allardyce’s super cool blog on style and expression! Check it out.

Today’s Pop Five: Sammy Y.’s poetic film picks
Pop Candy: USA Today Blog
April 20 2010

To help celebrate National Poetry Month and to celebrate poetry being everywhere…even in our movies!

Q&A: Geoff Lapaire
National Post
March 12, 2010

Never published but here it be.

Q & A: Laila Biali
National Post
February 25 2010

Wonderful, warm, whole, whimsical…this could be about the jazz and about the woman who makes the jazz.


Pain Keeps Me Here
December 22 2009

Some reflections on love, pain, hope and healing…you know, the stuff of experts.

Q & A: Luke Kirby
National Post
December 2 2009

Luke rolls with Busta Rhymes! Sadly Busta wasn’t on set…now that would be cool. Gimme Some More.

Concert Review: The Rockettes
National Post
November 17 2009

Never published but here it be.

Q & A: Keltie Colleen (a Canadian Rockette)
National Post
November 14 2009

Keltie is a phenomenal woman: strong, inspiring, bright, well-read and sassy! I have a huge crush…think she’d say yes if I asked her out?

Q & A: Erin Karpluk & Joanna Douglas
National Post
October 12 2009

Two lovely ladies! Joanna Douglas was preparing to go on a road trip soon as we finished the interview so I brought her some gummy candies: must have gummies for a road trip. We ended up eating them most of them during the interview. Gummies and self control do not go hand in hand.

Q & A: Martyn Joseph
National Post
September 15 2009

If you like Dylan or Cash give Martyn Joseph a shot…I was happy to shine a light on this guy’s work. One of the best voices we got going…the male Patti Smith!

Q & A: Gerry Dee
National Post
August 18 2009

Gerry is funny and really engaging, open and honest. This was fun! He contacted me after seeing the Russell Peters interview. The system works.

Concert Review: Carol Burnett
National Post
June 16 2009

Sadly I did not get to meet this awesome lady. Another time? The celebrity who sat next to me…everyone recognized him except for me. Brian Burke…the Leafs GM. ummm, ok: I’m not a hockey dude. Still Brian’s a great guy!

Q & A: Russell Peters
National Post
June 12 2009

Not as fun as I’d hoped it be…sometimes comedians don’t always want to be on. Went so so…he started off good but he was in the van on the way to the airport and whoever he was with was distracting him.

Also at one point he said I have such great questions…which I can’t quite tell from his tone but might be sarcasm. He did sass me and I quickly sassed him back which I don’t think he expected (or appreciated? Dunno…phoners are hard that way).
Concert Review: City and Colour
National Post
May 26 2009

My first ever concert review: s’odd job I mean a movie review makes sense the movie will be around and anybody can go. But a concert is a one shot deal so I’m not sure how this turned out.

Q & A: City and Colour
National Post
May 25 2009

This was a hard interview as Dallas is shy so it’s hard to engage him. It didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped.

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